Jim Peterik and World Stage Music Discography

Jim Peterik and World Stage

Top tracks

Without A Bullet Being Fired (feat. Mike Reno)from Winds Of Change4:52
Winds Of Change (feat. Don Barnes)from Winds Of Change4:28
Where Eagles Dare (feat. Lars Safsund)from Winds Of Change6:08
Proof Of Heaven (feat. Dennis DeYoung)from Winds Of Change5:26
Just For You (feat. Kevin Cronin)from Winds Of Change4:55
Avalanche (feat. Gunnar Nelson & Matthew Nelson)from Winds Of Change4:04
Home Fires (feat. Toby Hitchcock)from Winds Of Change5:29
I Will What I Want (feat. Kelly Keagy)from Winds Of Change3:35
You're Always There (Acoustic Version) (Japanese Bonus Track)from Winds Of Change4:15
The Hand I Was Dealt (feat. Danny Vaughn)from Winds Of Change4:35