Joanna Wang (王若琳) Music Discography

Joanna Wang (王若琳)

Top tracks

Flies!from Hotel La Rut1:01
In a Situation Like This, What a Mafia Leader Would Sayfrom Hotel La Rut1:54
You Lost Me At the Spanking Machinefrom Hotel La Rut2:50
Hotel La Rutfrom Hotel La Rut1:26
I Believe That All His Words Are Truefrom Hotel La Rut2:52
Pigeons on Your Balconyfrom Hotel La Rut2:56
People Don’t Eat Dinner By Themselvesfrom Hotel La Rut2:29
He’s Given Us the Freedom to Do What’s Rightfrom Hotel La Rut1:15
Fancied By a Celebrityfrom Hotel La Rut1:51
Drunken Songfrom Hotel La Rut1:08