Hotel La Rut mp3 Album by Joanna Wang (王若琳)

Hotel La Rutby Joanna Wang (王若琳)

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:35


1.Hotel La Rut1:26
2.I Believe That All His Words Are True2:52
3.Pigeons on Your Balcony2:56
5.People Don’t Eat Dinner By Themselves2:29
6.In a Situation Like This, What a Mafia Leader Would Say1:54
7.He’s Given Us the Freedom to Do What’s Right1:15
8.Fancied By a Celebrity1:51
9.Drunken Song1:08
10.The Wish I0:43
11.She Had a Habit of Meeting All of the Artists Backstage2:06
12.There She Smiles (In a Memory)2:44
13.You Lost Me At the Spanking Machine2:50
14.Tina’s Hausu3:04
15.Fell in Love with the Neighbor’s Boy2:32
16.Gasp! That Plastic Bag Is Watching Me!1:51
17.Strange Beast4:15
18.The Wish II1:22
19.Jump in the Water2:45
21.Shadow At My Feet2:14
22.The Detective3:13
23.Ragged Stairs to Heaven - the End3:54