The Gloaming Music Discography

The Gloaming

Top tracks

The Sailor’s Bonnetfrom The Gloaming4:15
Opening Setfrom The Gloaming16:39
The Girl Who Broke My Heartfrom The Gloaming2:18
Saoirse (Freedom)from The Gloaming5:04
Hunting the Squirrelfrom The Gloaming3:22
Allistrum’s Marchfrom The Gloaming4:13
An Muince Dreoilini (The Necklace of Wrens)from The Gloaming3:47
Samhradh Samhradhfrom The Gloaming5:54
The Old Bushfrom The Gloaming7:36
Song 44from The Gloaming6:45