100 Hits Legends: Dean Martin mp3 Artist Compilation by Dean Martin

100 Hits Legends: Dean Martinby Dean Martin

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:28:13


Disk #1

1.Memories Are Made Of This2:16
2.Everybody Loves Somebody1:59
3.That's Amore3:06
4.Basin Street Blues2:22
6.Standing On The Corner2:49
7.Just One More Chance3:15
8.Just For Fun2:46
9.Luno Mezzo Mare2:05
10.Ma Come Bali (Bella Bimba)2:46
11.Three Wishes2:37
13.I Ran All The Way Home2:34
14.I Passed Your House Last Night2:55
16.I'm Yours3:14
17.All I Have To Give You2:48
18.My Heart Has Found A Home3:06
19.Walking My Baby Back Home2:53
20.Be Honest With Me2:27

Disk #2

1.Powder Your Face With Sunshine2:33
2.That Lucky Old Sun3:00
3.How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning?2:46
5.Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket3:01
6.The Man Who Plays The Mandolino2:50
7.Two Sleepy People2:53
8.Under The Bridges Of Paris2:47
9.Hangin' Around With You2:24
10.As You Are3:05
11.Johnny Get Your Girl2:32
12.Have A Little Sympathy2:20
13.You And Your Beautiful Eyes2:07
14.Vieni Su2:39
15.As Pretty As A Picture2:29
16.Wham Bam, Thank You Mam2:48
17.That Certain Party3:02
18.You Was2:47
19.Tonda Wanda Hoy2:23
20.Tarra Ta-Larra Ta-Lar3:00

Disk #3

2.Mambo Italiano2:16
3.There's My Lover2:59
4.Young And Foolish (Plain And Fancy)2:45
5.Long, Long Ago2:18
6.Blue Smoke (Kohu-Auwah)2:25
7.Night Train To Memphis1:56
8.Dreamy Old New England Moon2:31
9.Baby, Obey Me2:33
10.Don't Rock The Boat Dear2:33
11.The Money Song3:07
12.Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder2:58
13.I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)2:36
14.I Love The Way You Say Goodnight3:10
15.I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)2:33
17.Choo 'N' Gum2:27
18.I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine1:54
19.When It's Sleepy Time Down South2:50
20.Bye, Bye, Blackbird3:03

Disk #4

2.Let Me Go Lover3:01
4.Return To Me (Ritorna A Me)2:42
5.How Do You Speak To An Angel3:07
8.I'm In Love With You2:55
9.I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Letters3:11
10.The Peddler's Serenade2:48
11.Happy Feet2:31
12.Muskrat Ramble3:03
13.In Napoli2:55
14.Bonne Nuit (Goodnight)2:39
15.I've Got The Sun In The Morning2:53
16.Because You're Mine2:21
17.Which Way Did My Heart Go?2:50
18.Oh Marie!2:23
19.The Darktown Strutters Ball2:32
20.Who's Your Little Who-Zis?2:19

Disk #5

1.I Feel A Song Comin' On1:51
2.In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening3:00
3.Never Before3:11
4.The Sailor's Polka1:58
5.Moments Like This2:35
6.You Belong To Me3:01
7.Hey Brother, Pour The Wine2:36
8.Open Up The Doghouse (Two Cats Are Comin' In)2:26
9.Ridin' Into Love3:16
11.Come Back To Sorrento3:12
12.I Feel Like A Feather In A Breeze2:47
13.Georgia On My Mind3:01
16.With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreamin'3:05
17.Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina2:05
18.Carolina Moon2:32
19.Aw C'Mon2:10
20.Change Of Heart2:30