1967: Sunshine Tomorrow mp3 Artist Compilation by The Beach Boys

1967: Sunshine Tomorrowby The Beach Boys

  • 65 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:38:35


Disk #1

1.Wild Honey2:45
2.Aren't You Glad2:16
3.I Was Made to Love Her2:07
4.Country Air2:22
5.A Thing or Two2:42
7.I'd Love Just Once to See You1:49
8.Here Comes the Night2:44
9.Let the Wind Blow2:23
10.How She Boogalooed It1:59
11.Mama Says1:09
12.Lonely Days (alternate version)1:46
13.Cool Cool Water (alternate early version)2:08
14.Time to Get Alone (alternate early version)3:08
15.Can't Wait Too Long (alternate early version)2:49
16.I'd Love Just Once to See You (alternate version)2:22
17.I Was Made to Love Her (vocal insert session)1:35
18.I Was Made to Love Her (long version)2:35
19.Hide Go Seek0:51
20.Honey Get Home1:22
21.Wild Honey (session highlights)5:39
22.Aren't You Glad (session highlights)4:12
23.A Thing or Two (track and backing vocals)1:00
24.Darlin' (session highlights)4:37
25.Let the Wind Blow (session highlights)4:14
26.Wild Honey (live)2:54
27.Country Air (live)2:20
28.Darlin' (live)2:24
29.How She Boogalooed It (live)2:43
30.Aren't You Glad (live)3:11
31.Mama Says (session highlights)3:09

Disk #2

1.Heroes and Villains (single version backing track)3:38
2.Vegetables (long version)2:55
3.Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (alternate mix)2:29
4.Wind Chimes (alternate tag section)0:48
5.Wonderful (backing track)2:22
6.With Me Tonight (alternate version with session intro)0:51
7.Little Pad (backing track)2:39
8.All Day All Night (Whistle In) (alternate version 1)1:04
9.All Day All Night (Whistle In) (alternate version 2)0:50
10.Untitled (Redwood)0:35
11.Fred Vail Intro0:24
12.The Letter1:54
13.You're So Good to Me2:31
14.Help Me, Rhonda2:24
15.California Girls2:29
16.Surfer Girl2:17
17.Sloop John B2:50
18.With a Little Help From My Friends2:21
19.Their Hearts Were Full of Spring2:33
20.God Only Knows2:45
21.Good Vibrations4:14
22.Game of Love2:11
23.The Letter (alternate take)1:57
24.With a Little Help From My Friends (stereo mix)2:21
25.Hawthorne Boulevard1:05
27.Gettin' Hungry3:19
28.Hawaii (rehearsal take)1:11
29.Heroes and Villains (rehearsal)4:45
30.California Girls (live)2:32
31.Graduation Day (live)2:56
32.I Get Around (live)2:40
33.Surf's Up (1967 version)5:19
34.Surfer Girl (1967 a cappella mix)2:17

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