1977: The Year Punk Broke mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

1977: The Year Punk Brokeby Various Artists

  • 87 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:59:18


Disk #1

1.Boredomby Buzzcocks2:54
2.London Ladyby The Stranglers2:33
3.Gatecrasherby The Gorillas2:59
4.Neat Neat Neatby The Damned2:42
5.Capaldi's Caféby Deaf School4:53
6.Bad Timeby The Vibrators1:56
7.I Don't Careby The Boys2:36
8.Away From the Numbersby The Jam4:03
9.Born to Loseby The Heartbreakers3:05
10.Thinkin' of the U.S.A.by Eater3:03
11.On the Edgeby The Outsiders3:42
12.Sick of Youby The Users3:25
13.You Really Got Meby Chartreuse2:54
14.I Wanna Be Freeby The Rings2:51
15.Man of the Yearby Models2:44
16.Peter and the Petsby The Only Ones3:06
17.Motorheadby Motörhead3:11
18.Mony Monyby Celia & The Mutations3:03
19.Runnin' Riotby Cock Sparrer3:13
20.I Need Youby The Count Bishops2:24
21.Let's Goby Blitzkrieg Bop3:35
22.Naiveby The Killjoys2:42
23.Incendiary Deviceby Johnny Moped2:11
24.I Wanna Be Your Manby The Rezillos2:03
25.No Russians in Russiaby Radio Stars2:52
26.Fascist Pigsby The Nosebleeds2:07
27.Jubilee '77by The Exile3:06

Disk #2

1.Lookin' After No. 1by The Boomtown Rats3:08
2.Whole Wide Worldby Wreckless Eric2:58
3.I Can't Comeby The Snivelling Shits6:22
4.Where Have All the Boot Boys Goneby Slaughter and the Dogs3:11
5.For Adolfs Onlyby The Valves1:50
6.Bulletinby Doctors of Madness2:44
7.Day by Dayby Generation X2:05
8.Television Viewerby The Vacants2:35
9.Killby Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias1:37
10.You Can't Rock and Roll (In a Council Flat)by Puncture2:57
11.Enemiesby The Radiators From Space2:40
12.Just Want to Be Myself (7" version)by The Drones2:46
13.Red Londonby Sham 691:52
14.Deranged Demented and Freeby PVC22:47
15.Oh Bondage Up Yours!by X-Ray Spex2:47
16.2-4-6-8 Motorwayby Tom Robinson Band3:16
17.Nasty, Nastyby 9992:03
18.Rockwrokby Ultravox3:19
19.Family Planningby The Depressions3:09
20.Radio Funby The Zeros2:06
21.Pool Hall Punksby Tyla Gang2:58
22.Klean Living Kidsby The Stukas2:05
23.Freak Showby The Lurkers2:20
24.Hold My Handby Jerks2:09
25.Bleak Outlookby The Unwanted2:13
26.Blood on the Wallby Some Chicken1:43
27.Insane Societyby Menace1:59
28.Drab Cityby The Features2:13
29.Back to the Wallby Spider2:12
30.Just Another Teenage Anthemby New Hearts1:54
31.(You Keep on Tellin' Me) Liesby The Pleasers1:50

Disk #3

1.Innocentsby John Cooper Clarke2:33
2.How Much Longerby Alternative TV2:37
3.She Made Magicby The Wasps3:01
4.Regulationsby Neon Hearts2:36
5.New York Shuffleby Graham Parker & The Rumour3:00
6.Trashby The Doll3:04
7.Ain't No Legendby Maniacs2:52
8.In My Love for Youby Satan's Rats2:34
9.Police Carby Larry Wallis3:20
10.Quit This Townby Eddie & the Hot Rods2:28
11.Development Corporationsby The Now3:11
12.High Rise Livingby Chelsea3:53
13.Arabs in 'Arrodsby The Artattacks2:32
14.Prioritiesby Trash2:32
15.Dynamoby The Method2:19
16.Naiveby Public Zone2:34
17.Jailbaitby Left Hand Drive4:31
18.Ripped and Tornby Swell Maps1:49
19.I Can See Youby Acme Sewage Co.2:55
20.First Mistakeby The Rats1:46
21.Natty Punkoby Brainiac 53:41
22.Defiant Poseby The Cortinas2:40
23.Help I'm Trappedby The Carpettes1:04
24.Tell Me the Truth (live at the Vortex)by NEO2:50
25.Rapedby Raped1:22
26.Fliesby Fruit Eating Bears1:27
27.Ru12by Hobbies of Today3:16
28.Left Right and Centreby Drug Squad4:03
29.I'm a Punkby Norman and the Hooligans3:07