24: Seasons 4 & 5 mp3 Soundtrack by Sean Callery

24: Seasons 4 & 5by Sean Callery

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:55


1.24 Main Titleby Sean Callery4:47
2.Collette'S Arrestby Sean Callery2:51
3.Closing In On Marwonby Sean Callery4:29
4.Death In The Open Desertby Sean Callery1:43
5.Logan's Downfallby Sean Callery6:35
6.Mandy'S Planby Sean Callery2:57
7.Hendersonby Sean Callery2:41
8.Jack'S Womenby Sean Callery2:08
9.C.T.U.by Sean Callery3:53
10.The Name'S O'Brian --- Chloe O'Brianby Sean Callery2:33
11.Mission Briefingby Sean Callery2:11
12.Bierko Entering The Gas Companyby Sean Callery2:36
13.Logan's Near Suicideby Sean Callery2:24
14.Lynn Mcgill'S Sacrificeby Sean Callery3:50
15.Base Missionby Sean Callery2:35
16.Airport Russiansby Sean Callery2:47
17.Infiltrating The Subby Sean Callery5:57
18.Loft Missionby Sean Callery2:55
19.Reviving Jackby Sean Callery3:17
20.Jack Storms The Gas Plantby Sean Callery8:10
21.Tony'S Farewellby Sean Callery1:36