4 (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Beyoncé

4 (Deluxe Edition)by Beyoncé

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:17


Disk #1

2.I Care3:59
3.I Miss You2:59
4.Best Thing I Never Had4:14
5.Party (feat. André 3000)4:05
6.Rather Die Young3:42
7.Start Over3:19
8.Love on Top4:27
10.End of Time3:44
11.I Was Here3:59
12.Run the World (Girls)3:56

Disk #2

1.Lay Up Under Me4:14
2.Schoolin' Life4:53
3.Dance for You6:17
4.Run the World (Girls) (Kaskade club remix)5:02
5.Run the World (Girls) (RedTop club remix)6:03
6.Run the World (Girls) (Jochen Simms club remix)6:17
Worst Beyonce Album To Date
I really like Beyonce but I find "4" to be so disappointing compared to her previous efforts. None of the songs really stand out, and I find the album too mellow and slow for my liking. When "Run The World (Girls)" was released I couldn't believe that this was the debut single! Her previous album "I Am Sasha Fierce" was an amazing piece of work, and I wasn't looking forward to hearing more great things from her, sadly I, along with a lot of Beyonce fan's were gravely dissapointed. I hope with Beyonce's next album, she sticks to what she is good at, and releases an album more like Sasha Fierce and less like 4.