50 D.Trance Tunes, Vol 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

50 D.Trance Tunes, Vol 1by Various Artists

  • 55 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:20:13


1.Talk (DJ Space Raven vs. Nolita Club Remix)by Ross Copperman7:41
2.Cenwen (Venegance Bellforce Club Mix)by Denga & Manus6:40
3.Broken Heart (NYC Club Mix)by SMB Project6:44
4.Light House (Pony Club Mix) (meetz DJ Myde)by Bas van den Eijken6:22
5.The Dance Of Light (Original Club Mix) (meetz Bas van den Eijken)by Gary D.6:36
6.Abuse (Club Mix)by SunPort6:34
7.Emotions (Club Mix)by Tom Stevens8:50
8.Better Off Alone 2010by Tunnel Force6:08
9.Loops & Tings 2010 (Club Mix)by Mike Nero6:06
10.Outside World (Club Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara6:42
11.Beautiful Ways (Club Mix)by Stefan Mone8:32
12.Alcatrazz (Ron Van Den Beuken Club Mix)by Ron van den Beuken7:15
13.Human Nature (Club Mix)by Van der Karsten6:14
14.The Meghara 2010 (Club Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara7:42
15.Up To Find My Way (Blue Lagoon Club Mix)by Rocketeers7:29
16.Abyss (Original Club Mix) (pres. Powerface)by Dave 2028:10
17.Halo (Original Club Mix)by Gary D.6:56
18.We Are One (Original Club Mix)by Chemistry7:59
19.Ready To Flow (Dda Club Remix)by Mike Nero6:05
20.When I Was Lost (Original Club Mix)by Matt Holliday8:06
21.Your Love (Louk Club Mix)by Future Vision7:27
22.Springworld 2009 (Club Mix)by Gary D.7:11
23.Into My Brain (Plug N Play Club Mix) (vs. Red Sector)by Mario Lopez7:04
24.(Easy) Just Move Some (Original Sandstorm Club Mix)by 2000 Canarias7:05
25.The Sound Of E (Club Mix)by Ultrashock5:07
26.D.T.J. (D Trance Junkie Jumpsyle Club Mix) (meetz Bas van den Eijken)by Gary D.6:02
27.Restricted Area (Jumping Masses Club Remix)by Massmann Presents5:24
28.Bass Kick Down (Hard Bass Club Mix)by Gary D.7:01
29.Lost In Love (2K6 Prodygee & Van De Traxx Club Mix) (vs. Legend B.)by Beats of Genesis8:50
30.Human Nature (Damaged Intro Club Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara7:10
31.Abfahrt! (Deepforces Club Mix)by Verano6:39
32.Lost In Dreams (DJ Sequenza Club Remix)by Mike NRG7:16
33.Insane (Club Mix)by Pulsedriver5:33
34.The DJs Present Anthem (Club Mix)by Gary D.5:59
35.Fiction & Realityby DJ Myde7:27
36.Die Herdplatte Reloaded 2009 (Club Mix)by Gary D.7:49
37.Musical Society (Club Mix) (vs. DJ Lee)by Megara6:40
38.Maxwell (Luca Antolini Club Mix)by Lisa Lashes7:22
39.Acid Phase (Kai Tracid Club Remix)by Emmanuel Top6:37
40.Ahmea (Original Club Mix)by Flutlicht8:31
41.Resident Of This World (DJ Tibby Club Remix)by DJ Julio6:09
42.Genetic Code (Club Mix)by Gary D.6:48
43.Sky (Sun Club Mix)by Cóndor7:12
44.The Promised Land (DJ Tibby Club Remix)by Fractal 46:13
45.Final Fantasy (Original Club Mix)by Extreme Trax7:54
46.I Had A Dream (Club Mix)by Pascal Device6:39
47.2nd Dimension (Club Mix) (and Dumont)by Hitch-Hiker7:23
48.Transfiguration (Club Mix)by DJ Dave Davis6:30
49.Bulldozer (Club Mix)by Plastic Enemy6:50
50.Overload (Club Mix)by Gary D.5:39
51.Journey Of Love (Gary D. & DJ High-ko Club Remix) (and Dumont)by Hitch-Hiker7:36
52.Energy (Extended Club Mix)by DJ Tibby7:10
53.Kinetic Pressure (Club Mix)by Gary D.6:04
54.Get Naughty (Diabolito Club Remix)by Aqualoop4:26
55.Initialize (Gary D. & Dr.Z Club Remix) (and The Paragod)by DJ Yanny6:35

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