50 Techno Trance Anthems 2018: Extended Remix Compilation mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

50 Techno Trance Anthems 2018: Extended Remix Compilationby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:27:35


1.Legatto (Extended Mix)by Darryn M7:02
2.Is It Love (feat. Kyle Monroe)by Bram Lohues4:35
3.Act of Memories (Nature One Mix)by Syon5:08
4.Heartbeat (EDM Mix)by Proezas4:46
5.Come Back (Vocal Mix) (feat. Lokka Vox)by Demex4:38
6.Secret (Extended Mix) (and Jacinta)by Rene Ablaze7:51
7.Omaha (Eddie Sender Remix) (and Eddie Sender feat. Michael Hejc)by LayDee Jane6:26
8.Summer Love (Yvb Remix) (feat. Nicol Cache)by Milan Zona5:07
9.Every Emotion (Rene Ablaze Remix) (feat. Danielle Senior)by AurA6:32
10.Paradise (and Ross Rayer)by Amen B6:45
11.Blind (Ultimate Rework)by Aadagio7:43
12.Dream Way (Pluton Remix)by Dereck Recay9:26
13.Escape (Armada Tribe Aftermovie Remix)by The Agamemnon Project7:40
14.Basejumper (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix) (and Saturn 6)by Ivica Vanevski8:01
15.Par Avionby KaltFlut8:29
16.Blue Water (Global State of Trance Mix)by Avanar6:30
17.Tomorrow (Kontor B Remix)by DJ Hader6:29
18.Promolog 2018 (Born Slippy Dub)by Uranium One5:46
19.And Who Are You (Extended Beatport Mix)by Peexbak4:39
20.Fire (Dag & Matthew Remix) (and Matthew Kramer feat. Jim Jeffries)by DJ Dag6:49
21.I Promise (Ultra Club Sounds Mix)by Nale3:43
22.One Moment in Time (Bootleg Mashup)by Sven Erler5:36
23.Melting Sun (feat. Uri Polsky)by Doctor Cube7:09
24.Binary Finary (Miami WMC Version)by DJ Wag5:19
25.Dominator (Talla 2XLC Technoclub Mix)by Pro-Active7:20
26.Invisible Signsby Monoss7:10
27.Reaching Above (Nada House Remix) (feat. Marina Korvin)by Noel Gitman9:20
28.The Beginning (Search of Sunrise Club Mix)by Heavens DJ5:43
29.Shadows & Lightsby Andrew Fields6:03
30.Infected (Ibiza Trance Mix) (and DJ Substance)by DJ Sakin6:28
31.Divella (Tomorrowland Remix)by Leanza8:17
32.We Can't Fly (Breakdowns Mix)by Bardalimov7:35
33.Immobilizedby Mr. Ivson6:29
34.Temptation (Off the Charts Remix)by Avanar7:41
35.The Drill (Remix)by MacFearson6:09
36.Exquisite (Cocoon Techno Mix)by EmoTronic4:39
37.Beautiful Day (Stutter Trance Mix)by Gerrit Romack7:17
38.In Progress (Caiden Reed & Eyonics Remix) (pres. Dreameye)by Eyonics6:58
39.Dreamland (Extended)by Graton6:41
40.Revealby Emre Colak4:33
41.Made of Love (Fairytale Mix)by dreaMagic6:28
42.Words (Classic Trance Future Mix)by E-Nature6:29
43.Conspicuous Absence (Main Mix)by 2Elements4:22
44.Still Alive (Official Trance Area III Anthem) (pres. UMATIc)by C-Mo7:37
45.Sonnenwind (John Q and Nielsen Remix)by Sven Nielsen7:03
46.Dreams of Glory (Liberty Mix)by Trancematix6:15
47.Cloudburst (Sensation White Mix)by Hodges8:02
48.The Stalker (2nd Hardtrance Mix)by Pattraxx6:37
49.Like a Poemby Lizard7:03
50.Rising (Dreamdance Mix)by Suplifth7:07

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