80's Revolution: Italo Disco, Volume 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

80's Revolution: Italo Disco, Volume 5by Various Artists

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:00


Disk #1

1.Lonely Night (vocal version)by Colors6:12
2.Love in Stereo (12" version)by Kristal5:29
3.Japanese Girl (vocal remix)by Max Him6:29
4.And I Love Her (mix version)by Sir Valentine5:20
5.Yummy Giver (medley: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy / Indian Giver)by Mex5:55
6.Dancin' (vocal version)by Joy Michael5:47
7.Please Don't Go (12" version)by Digital Game7:12
8.Walk in the Night (12" version)by Diego9:29
9.Susy Oh! (dance version)by Fabrizio Simoncioni6:52
10.I Need You Now (vocal version)by Daryl Scott7:29
11.Red Man (12" version)by Ken Laszlo5:53
12.Tomorrow (vocal version)by The New Company5:27

Disk #2

1.No More in Love (vocal version)by Diva5:53
2.Cry (vocal version)by Dorian Gray5:32
3.I Don't Wanna Lose You (12" version)by Radiorama7:23
4.One Million (12" version)by Imhan6:19
5.Dial My Number (12" version)by R. Bais5:50
6.Eagles in the Night (12" version)by Dario Dell'Aere8:21
7.Only One (mix version)by Paul Faber6:35
8.Pictures (12" version)by Scotch5:24
9.Caballeros (vocal version)by Venus6:44
10.Everything You Love (extended version)by Chip Chip6:11
11.Get Closer (vocal version)by Valerie Dore6:15
12.Disco King (instrumental)by Carrara6:59

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