A Kind Revolution (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Paul Weller

A Kind Revolution (Special Edition)by Paul Weller

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:10:22


1.Woo Sé Mama3:44
3.Long Long Road3:24
4.She Moves with the Fayre4:23
5.The Cranes are Back4:23
7.New York4:43
8.One Tear6:07
9.Satellite Kid5:17
10.The Impossible Idea3:40
11.Woo Sé Mama (Instrumental)3:44
12.Nova (Instrumental)3:58
13.Long Long Road (Instrumental)3:24
14.She Moves with the Fayre (Instrumental)4:23
15.The Cranes are Back (Instrumental)4:23
16.Hopper (Instrumental)3:15
17.New York (Instrumental)4:43
18.One Tear (Instrumental)6:07
19.Satellite Kid (Instrumental)5:17
20.The Impossible Idea (Instrumental)3:40
22.She Moves with the Fayre (Villagers Remix)5:46
23.New York (Nightwatch) (Prof. Kybert Remix)4:30
24.Nova (Toy Remix)6:41
25.One Tear (Club Cut) (Prof. Kybert Remix)4:49
26.Hopper (White Label Remix)5:23
27.Satellite Kid (Syd Arthur Remix)4:16
28.She Moves with the Fayre (Breakdown Instrumental) (Prof. Kybert Remix)4:11
29.Woo Sé Mama (E & TC Remix)4:27