A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Part 6 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Part 6by Various Artists

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:13:39


Disk #1

1.Promised Land (DJ Paul's Forze mix)by DJ Paul Elstak5:48
2.Like a Dream (and King Matthew)by Bass-D4:01
3.Love Is You (Stunned Guys Hardcore mix)by Happymen3:46
4.Bad Dreams (remix)by DJ Isaac4:52
5.Moveby Forze DJ Team4:06
6.Rockin'by Neophyte4:09
7.Your Conciousby Big Deal2:55
8.Higherby Kinetic Pleasure2:54
9.Code Red (and Darrien Kelly)by DJ Paul4:29
10.No Bullshittingby Too Hostile4:09
11.My Favorite (and DJ Inferno)by Discofrisco3:51
12.Roots & Culture (vs. Predator)by Wedlock4:24
13.The Guillotineby Paradox3:54
14.The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Withby Urban Menace4:12
15.Omar, Rip It Upby Omar Santana5:00
16.Make It Fuckin' Louder (vs. DJ Paul)by Lenny Dee4:25

Disk #2

1.The Beat Is Flown (DJ Rob's Hardcore mix) (and MC Joe)by DJ Rob3:52
2.We Like Marihuana (DJ Paul mix)by DJ Isaac4:58
3.Forever (Hardcore mix)by Brothers in Crime4:26
4.Don't Leave Me Alone (Stunned Guys remix)by DJ Paul Elstak5:05
5.The Revolution (Hardcore version) (with DJ Trevor)by The Nightraver4:25
6.Pump Up the Bassby Scott Brown2:42
7.Fuckin' Sweat (meets The Stunned Guys)by DJ Lancinhouse3:22
8.Mutherfuck (with Omar Santana)by Scott Brown4:29
9.Music Manby Speedy Joe3:25
10.Pillsby Activator3:52
11.Generator (S. Brown remix)by Hyperbass3:21
12.9 MMby The Coalition3:53
13.Can Can Partyby Sandman4:22
14.Bim Bum Bam (with DJ Maxx & DJ Giangy)by DJ Buby3:50
15.Executeby Neophyte5:08
16.909 Traumaby Forze DJ Team5:34