A State of Sugar: Candy mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State of Sugar: Candyby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:00


1.Despair (feat. Butterflight & Project Mo)))Rd)by Zero Chaotic4:07
2.Moribundby Greyfade4:55
3.60Hzby FruityFusion6:06
4.Celestial Rebirthby BassPon34:44
5.Bubblesby Totalspark4:58
6.Raindrops (feat. Namii)by Mikuma3:27
7.Beach Time Simulatorby IPON32:24
8.Don't Let Life Bring You Down!by SkyTheArtist3:42
9.Jupiterby Burning Under Water3:10
10.Paradiseby Insanity & Paloris5:39
11.Night Gliderby Jalmaan3:57
12.Planet Plutoniumby Dreamer2:30
13.Midnight Daydreamsby Zizkil2:33
14.Swanby Violin Melody4:12
15.Quantized Memoriesby Zythiria3:54
16.Éclat Du Jourby Takaki2:11
17.Bongos At DeepSpace9by Midli3:30
18.Sugar Rushby GhostXb1:41
19.Dawning Light (and RoomVR)by Nevermourn4:29
20.Trickby Skelter3:35
21.Shockwave (Animatronic Pony And Nevermourn Remix)by TPressleyJ3:54
22.Rock Thisby Brohoof Studios4:20
23.Adamantby Suskii2:31
24.Nightmare Worldby Viricide Filly4:52
25.Depthsby Periwinkle4:08
26.S0ARby MrMehster3:41
27.Euphoriaby CRUVOD4:49
28.Cotton Candyby Nymira & Lorris4:36
29.Advanced Magicby Eksoka5:01
30.Arisby Cynifree3:41
31.Elysiumby Ponytronic4:25
32.Rememberby Burning Under Water5:47
33.Pony Rhythmby Light Assassin5:00
34.Stray Memoryby Fractilx6:40
35.Sweet Dreamsby Nevermourn4:09
36.Ice Queenby Crystal Slave3:42