A State of Trance 600: The Expedition - Madrid, Mexico City, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur (Warm Up Sets) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State of Trance 600: The Expedition - Madrid, Mexico City, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur (Warm Up Sets)by Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:34:37


1.Die Traumdeutung (Original Mix)by Namatjira8:39
2.Something Happens (Original Mix)by Sergey Silvertone6:00
3.Bleyban (Original Mix)by Lessov5:56
4.Pixelated (Incolumis Remix) (and John '00' Fleming)by Dave Seaman6:48
5.Magnify (Original Mix)by Cid Inc7:48
6.2 Roads (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)by Trebland7:49
7.Silk (Original Mix)by Incolumis5:14
8.Waiting For The Sun (Original Mix)by D-Sens7:30
9.Into The Blue (Jayeson Andel Remix)by Hazem Beltagui7:37
10.Jalon (Original Mix)by VillaNaranjos5:35
11.We Are (Original Mix) (and Allan V)by Hazem Beltagui7:53
12.A State of Trance 600: The Expedition - Madrid (Warm Up Set) (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists59:59
13.Jacqueline (Intro Mix)by Rodg7:02
14.Atlantic (Original Mix) (and Arnas D)by Kastis Torrau7:56
15.Phobos (Original Mix)by Stephen J. Kroos3:31
16.The Raven (Rosie Romero & Ian Round Remix)by Moonbeam5:35
17.Serengeti (Original Mix)by Rikkaz6:26
18.Skylarking (Original Mix)by BT10:45
19.Magnum (Original Mix)by IRA7:10
20.Strange Optics (Original Mix)by Incolumis7:41
21.Incomplete (Deepfunk Remix)by Presslaboys10:17
22.Last Chance For Love (Original Mix)by Danny Chen6:11
23.White Sand (Club Mix)by Sunlounger9:55
24.A State of Trance 600: The Expedition - Mexico City (Warm Up Set) (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists57:04
25.Skylarking (Original Mix)by BT10:45
26.The Fields (Original Mix)by Steffie Ditzel9:12
27.Dexter (Original 'Bay Harbour Butcher' Mix) (feat. DarXoul)by Che Armstrong7:19
28.Metamorph (Deepfunk's Main Mix) (and Tom Sela)by Darin Epsilon9:02
29.Last Reflection (Original Mix)by Aleksey Yakovlev8:00
30.Serengeti (Original Mix)by Rikkaz6:26
31.When Dream Comes True (Original Mix)by Arisen Flame7:47
32.Speed of Sound (Album Extended Mix) (feat. Tricia McTeague)by Aly & Fila7:21
33.A State of Trance 600: The Expedition - Beirut (Warm Up Set) (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists45:35
34.Light In A Darkened World (Original Mix) (and Nourey)by Hazem Beltagui6:27
35.Crimson (Original Mix)by Anthony Mea6:39
36.Echo (Original Mix)by Eleven.Five7:43
37.Aura (Original Mix) (and Kikis)by Blood Groove6:43
38.The Song of Distant Earth (Chris Domingo Remix)by Peter Portal6:05
39.Tecabrali (Incolumnis Calibrated Mix)by Incolumis7:09
40.Mea Culpa (Original Mix)by JimiJ7:25
41.Waiting For (Deepfunk Remix)by Luis Bondio7:35
42.2030 A.D. (Roddy Reynaert Remix)by Cramp8:44
43.It Moves On (Roddy Reynaert Remix)by Sebastian Weikum8:59
44.A State of Trance 600: The Expedition - Kuala Lumpur (Warm Up Set) (Continuous Mix)by Various Artists53:20