A Way To See In The Dark (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Jason Gray

A Way To See In The Dark (Special Edition)by Jason Gray

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:15


Disk #1

1.Remind Me Who I Am3:47
2.The End of Me3:33
3.No Thief Like Fear3:41
4.Good to Be Alive3:24
5.The Sound of Our Breathing3:31
6.Without Running Away3:55
7.Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard3:51
8.Nothing Is Wasted3:48
9.A Way to See in the Dark3:38
10.The Other Side4:23
11.I Will Find a Way4:14
12.Jesus We Are Grateful5:43

Disk #2

1.Remind Me Who I Am (Demo)3:42
2.The Sound of Our Breathing (Acoustic)3:23
3.Nothing Is Wasted (Alternate)3:09
4.Before I've Done Anything (Bonus Track)4:24
5.Good to Be Alive (Demo)3:24
6.Love Is Rebuilding Us (Bonus Track)3:10
7.The Angel of Your Presence (Bonus Track)3:30
8.Remind Me Who I Am (Live)4:05
This Cd is excellent praise music. It has a jam all to itself. Give it time. At first, I was skeptical and thought it was weird, but then it occurred to me how mellow and wonderful it is! Praise God!