God's Not Dead mp3 Album by Newsboys
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:32


1.The King Is Coming4:47
2.God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)4:19
3.Your Love Never Fails3:38
4.Here We Stand4:16
5.Savior of the World3:39
6.Forever Reign3:53
7.More Than Enough3:43
8.Revelation Song4:50
9.Pouring It Out for You4:33
10.Mighty to Save4:28
11.All the Way4:07
12.I Am Second3:19
I've been listening to Christian music for awhile now and am familiar with the Newsboys. My husband has been listening to them since the 90's. I like the upbeat sound they have. The film "God's Not Dead", which the song was made for is great too. Also check out the video!!
I just started getting interested in Christian music a few months ago and the Newsboys is my favorite band thus far. This album is incredible, some songs are slower than others but none are uninteresting. I listen to this album at my desk at work and I find myself lipping the words as I work. What better words to sing along with?? I try to keep God, His word, and His Son in my thoughts as much as possible so as to strengthen our relationship and enlighten my life. Playing this album throughout my day helps me to accomplish just that. The lyrics are fantastic and inspirational. It's rare that I enjoy every single song on an album, there always seems to be at least one I don't much care for. Not the case here! It's hard to choose a favorite song, but "I am Second," "Mighty to Save," "Pouring it out for You," and "Here We Stand" inspire good, faithful, comforting feelings to pervade my heart. Whether it's through the lyrics, music, or a combination of both, this album puts me in a thankful state of mind and makes me want to offer up praises of song to our God. If you enjoy Christian, rock, or any music for that matter I have a strong feeling you'll enjoy "God's Not Dead." Praise our God and thank Him for music as a form of media by which His word can be spread throughout the world and generations.