Alita Battle Angel mp3 Soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg

Alita Battle Angelby Tom Holkenborg

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:30


1.Discoveryby Tom Holkenborg3:14
2.I Don't Even Know My Own Nameby Tom Holkenborg5:44
3.What's Your Dream?by Tom Holkenborg3:17
4.Double Identityby Tom Holkenborg1:54
5.The Warrior Withinby Tom Holkenborg3:32
6.A Dark Pastby Tom Holkenborg1:30
7.In Time You'll Rememberby Tom Holkenborg0:59
8.Nova's Ordersby Tom Holkenborg2:48
9.Jackers Missionby Tom Holkenborg2:37
10.Unlocking the Pastby Tom Holkenborg3:53
11.Whose Body Is This?by Tom Holkenborg2:06
12.Grewishka's Revengeby Tom Holkenborg4:24
13.Broken Dollby Tom Holkenborg2:35
14.With Meby Tom Holkenborg5:41
15.I'd Give You My Heartby Tom Holkenborg3:07
16.You Just Lost a Puppetby Tom Holkenborg2:31
17.What Did You Do?by Tom Holkenborg3:42
18.In the Cloudsby Tom Holkenborg3:57
19.Raising the Swordby Tom Holkenborg1:44
20.Motorballby Tom Holkenborg5:15