All Bound for Morningtown (Their EMI Recordings 1964-1968) mp3 Artist Compilation by The Seekers

All Bound for Morningtown (Their EMI Recordings 1964-1968)by The Seekers

  • 113 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:02:44


Disk #1

1.I'll Never Find Another You2:44
2.Open Up Them Pearly Gates2:15
3.The Wreck of the Old '973:12
4.Danny Boy3:05
5.Waltzing Matilda2:54
6.Cotton Fields1:57
7.Lemon Tree3:26
8.Gotta Travel On2:34
9.With My Swag All on My Shoulder1:54
10.Plaisir D'Amour2:50
11.Isa Lei3:41
12.Whisky in the Jar2:22
13.Five Hundred Miles2:56
14.The Gypsy Rover (The Whistling Gypsy)2:45
15.South Australia2:04
16.This Little Light of Mine2:17
17.Morningtown Ride2:41
18.The Water Is Wide3:53
19.Well Well Well2:34
20.Lady Mary3:25
21.We're Movin' On2:08
22.The Ox Driving Song1:41
24.Blowin' in the Wind2:34
25.The Eriskay Love Lilt2:35
26.Chilly Winds2:02
27.What Have They Done to the Rain2:26
28.A World of Our Own2:44
29.Sinner Man2:20

Disk #2

1.A World of Our Own2:44
2.Don't Think Twice, It's Alright3:06
3.The Leaving of Liverpool2:54
4.This Land Is Your Land2:37
5.Two Summers2:50
6.The Times They Are A-Changin'2:36
7.Just a Closer Walk With Thee3:21
8.Don't Tell Me My Mind2:18
9.Allentown Jail2:38
10.Four Strong Winds3:26
11.You Can Tell the World2:15
12.Whistlin' Rufus0:59
13.Sinner Man2:20
14.The Carnival Is Over3:09
15.We Shall Not Be Moved2:23
16.Some Day One Day2:36
17.Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen2:27
18.We're Movin' On2:08
19.Come the Day2:13
20.Island of Dreams2:30
21.The Last Thing on My Mind3:16
22.All Over the World (Dans Le Monde En Entier)2:40
23.Red Rubber Ball2:14
24.Well Well Well2:19
25.Georgy Girl2:22
27.I Wish You Could Be Here2:17
28.Turn, Turn, Turn3:15
29.Louisiana Man2:31
30.California Dreamin'2:29

Disk #3

1.Walk With Me3:15
2.Morningtown Ride2:40
3.When the Stars Begin to Fall3:09
4.Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine2:29
5.The Sad Cloud2:54
6.59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)2:17
7.If You Go Away4:02
8.All I Can Remember1:55
9.Chase a Rainbow (Follow Your Dream)2:25
10.Angeline Is Always Friday2:42
11.On the Other Side2:13
13.Can't Make Up My Mind2:20
15.Colours of My Life2:36
16.This Is My Song2:46
17.Paper Bird (Previously Unreleased)2:20
18.Music of the World a Turnin' (alternative arrangement)2:29
19.Walk With Me3:05
20.Morningtown Ride2:42
21.When the Stars Begin to Fall3:08
22.Georgy Girl2:23
23.The Last Thing on My Mind3:16
24.When Will the Good Apples Fall2:29
26.Emerald City2:40
27.Music of the World a Turnin'2:22
28.Days of My Life (feat. Judith Durham)2:48
29.Study War No More (feat. Judith Durham)2:29

Disk #4

1.Music of the World a Turnin'3:07
2.I'll Never Find Another You3:01
3.With My Swag All on My Shoulder2:28
4.Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)2:03
5.I Wish You Could Be Here2:02
6.We Shall Not Be Moved3:28
7.Morningtown Ride2:40
8.A World of Our Own4:34
10.The Olive Tree2:46
11.Colours of My Life2:47
13.Angeline Is Alwayd Friday2:48
14.Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine4:31
15.The Carnival Is Over2:16
16.Georgy Girl2:36
17.The Olive Tree (feat. Judith Durham)2:45
18.The Non-Performing Lion Quickstep (feat. Judith Durham)2:33
19.Again and Again (feat. Judith Durham)2:51
20.Memories (feat. Judith Durham)2:36
21.The Carnival Is Over3:11
22.We Shall Not Be Moved2:23
23.Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen2:26
25.Emerald City (no children's voices version)2:43

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