Amadeus: Special Edition: The Director's Cut mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Amadeus: Special Edition: The Director's Cutby Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:37:31


Disk #1

1.Symphony No. 25 In G Minor, K. 173dB/183: I. Allegro Con Brioby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart7:51
2.Serenade No. 13 For Strings In G Major, K. 525 "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik": I. Allegroby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart5:41
3.Stabat Mater: Quando Corpus Morietur / Amenby Giovanni Battista Pergolesi4:19
4.Le Nozze Di Figaro, K. 492: "Salieri's March" Turned Into "Non Più Andrai"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1:52
5.Serenade No. 10 For 12 Winds & Contrabass In B-Flat Major, K. 370a/361 "Gran Partita": III. Adagioby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:09
6.Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail, K. 384: Act I, Scene VI. No. 5b Chor "Singt Dem Grossen Bassa Lieder" (Chor Und Solisten Der Janitscharen) / Aria For Bass & Orchestra In A Major, K. 539: "Ich Möchte Wohl Der Kaiser Sein"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4:25
7.Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail, K. 384: Act III, Nr. 21b Chorus "Bassa Selim Leve Lange!"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1:28
8.Mass No. 17 For Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra In C Minor, K. 417a/427 (Fragment) "Great": I. "Kyrie"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:30
9.Sinfonia Concertante In C Major For Flute, Harp & Orchestra, K. 297c/299: II. Andantinoby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart8:34
10.Symphony No. 29 In A Major, K. 186a/201: I. Allegro Moderatoby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart5:43
11.Adagio And Rondo For Glass Armonica, Flute, Oboe, Viola & Cello In C Minor, K. 617: I. Adagio / II. Rondoby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:03
12.Concerto For 2 Pianos & Orchestra No. 10 In E-Flat Major, K. 316a/365: III. Rondo. Allegroby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart7:14
13.Sinfonia Concertante In E Major For Violin, Viola & Orchestra, K. 320d/364: I. Allegro Maestosoby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart13:36

Disk #2

1.Zaïde, K. 336b/344 (Fragment): Act I. No. 3 Aria "Ruhe Sanft, Mein Holdes Leben" (Zaïde)by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:25
2.Caro Mio Benby Giuseppe Giordani2:38
3.Concerto For Piano No. 22 In E-Flat Major, K. 482: III. Allegroby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart11:11
4.Le Nozze Di Figaro, K. 492: Act IV, Scenes XII-XIV. No. 23 Finale "Ecco La Marcia, Andiamo" (Barbarina, Coro)by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2:32
5.Le Nozze Di Figaro, K. 492: Act IV. "Ah Tutti Contenti"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2:36
6.Bubak And Hungaricus (Early 18th Century Gypsy Music)by [anonymous]1:17
7.Axur, Finaleby Antonio Salieri1:14
8.Il Dissoluto Punito, Ossia Il Don Giovanni, K. 527: Act II, Scene XV. No. 24 Finale "Don Giovanni, A Cenar Teco" (Il Commendatore, Don Giovanni, Leporello)by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart7:00
9.Concerto For Piano No. 20 In D Minor, K. 466: I. Romanceby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart12:19
10.Die Zauberflöte, K. 620: Ouvertureby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart6:52
11.Die Zauberflöte, K. 620: Act II, Scene VIII. No. 14 Aria "Der Hölle Rache Kocht In Meinem Herzen" (Die Königin Der Nacht)by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2:58
12.Requiem In D Minor, K. 626 (Süßmayr Completion): I. Introitus: "Requiem Aeternam" / II. "Kyrie Eleison"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1:00
13.Requiem In D Minor, K. 626 (Süßmayr Completion): IIIa. Sequenz: "Dies Irae"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart1:55
14.Requiem In D Minor, K. 626 (Süßmayr Completion): IIIc. Sequenz: "Rex Tremendae"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2:04
15.Requiem In D Minor, K. 626 (Süßmayr Completion): IIIe. Sequenz: "Confutatis"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart2:21
16.Requiem In D Minor, K. 626 (Süßmayr Completion): IIIf. Sequenz: "Lacrimosa"by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart3:50
17.Concerto For Piano No. 20 In D Minor, K. 466: II. Romanzeby Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart9:54