American Road Book # 1 & 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

American Road Book # 1 & 2by Various Artists

  • 58 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:15:27


Disk #1

1.Travelling Mindby Manuel Galvin2:06
2.Endless Roadsby Silvano Michelino, Jean-Francois Morin2:35
3.Rollin' Freeby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:04
4.Stone Desertby Silvano Michelino, Jean-Francois Morin2:07
5.The Path Less Travelledby Lionel Sellier2:34
6.Moving Picturesby Lionel Sellier3:41
7.Wandering Homeby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi3:03
8.Sweet Old Countryby Silvain Vanot2:18
9.Hillbilly Folksby Silvain Vanot1:21
10.Slidin' Alongby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi1:43
11.Green Pasturesby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:02
12.Highwaymenby Olivier Lebé, Pierre-André Athané2:00
13.Lake Shimmerby Claude Polikar, Vincent Leibovitz2:36
14.Sunburstby Claude Polikar, Vincent Leibovitz2:52
15.Miles Awayby Claude Polikar, Vincent Leibovitz2:14
16.The Big Countryby Pernilla Osterberg2:15
17.Red Skylineby Olivier Lebé2:45
18.Cowboy Bluesby Jean-Jacques Milteau2:06
19.Southern Belleby Silvain Vanot2:52
20.Deep in the Bayouby Silvano Michelino2:35
21.Cradle of the Bluesby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi1:52
22.Rio Grandeby Daniel Diaz, Pájaro Canzani2:33
23.Time Stand Stillby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi3:00
24.Magnolia Flowersby Manuel Galvin1:55
25.Small Town USAby Silvano Michelino2:14
26.The Girl Next doorby Manuel Galvin2:14
27.Sweet Sundayby Benoît Sourisse2:29
28.Strummin' Easyby Manuel Galvin2:28
29.Leaving Main Streetby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi1:33

Disk #2

1.Screwed Upby Silvano Michelino, Dominique Cravic, Fay Lovsky2:35
2.Trailer Park Lifeby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi1:54
3.Outcastsby Claude Polikar, Vincent Leibovitz2:17
4.Shotgun Shackby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:08
5.Misplacedby Silvano Michelino, Dominique Cravic, Fay Lovsky0:59
6.Nowhere to Goby Lionel Sellier1:15
7.Man Aloneby Claude Polikar, Vincent Leibovitz2:29
8.We Rock, You Rollby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:40
9.40 Foot Semi-Truckby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:12
10.Chilli Dogby Lionel Sellier2:22
11.Ride Like the Windby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi1:53
12.Denim and Dieselby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:20
13.Citizen Bandby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:01
14.Call of the Windby Silvano Michelino, Dominique Cravic, Fay Lovsky2:49
15.Dust Bowl Balladby Vincent Leibovitz2:50
16.Indian Reservationby Aufort Cyrille2:09
17.Before Stormfallby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:27
18.Veiled Moonby Rico Brinx2:13
19.Dead Heatby Lionel Sellier1:23
20.Timeless Expressby Claude Polikar2:43
21.Choo Choo Trainby Jean-Jacques Milteau1:18
22.All Aboardby Michel Gaucher, Jean-Jacques Milteau, André Charlier2:32
23.Springfield Junctionby Lionel Sellier3:17
24.Night Train Runningby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi1:37
25.Blue Motelby Jean-Francois Morin, Nicolas Mizrachi2:48
26.Rainy Roadsby Jean-Jacques Milteau, Manuel Galvin3:43
27.A Room with a Viewby Jean-Jacques Milteau, Manuel Galvin3:19
28.Roadhouse Bluesby Michel Gaucher, Benoît Sourisse, André Charlier2:32
29.One for the Bluesby Jean-Jacques Milteau, Manuel Galvin2:35