And Love Said... mp3 Album by Jodie Devos

And Love Jodie Devos

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:08:57


1.Come to Me in My Dreams, H. 713:50
2.Love Went A-Riding, H. 1141:58
3.Reeds of Innocence2:08
4.Songs of Travel: Let Beauty Awake2:08
5.Love's Philosophy1:22
6.Five Elizabethan Songs: Orpheus2:17
7.Five Elizabethan Songs: Tears3:16
8.Five Elizabethan Songs: Under the Greenwood Tree1:38
9.Five Elizabethan Songs: Sleep3:12
10.Five Elizabethan Songs: Spring2:32
11.To Love2:20
12.On This Island, op. 11: Let the Florid Music Praise3:57
13.On This Island, op. 11: Now the Leaves Are Falling Fast2:02
14.On This Island, op. 11: Seascape2:18
15.On This Island, op. 11: Nocturne4:49
16.On This Island, op. 11: As It Is, Plenty1:30
17.Two Love Songs, op. 30: Love My Heart Longs Day and Night2:59
18.Two Poems by Oscar Wilde: My Voice2:03
19.Two Poems by Oscar Wilde: Her Voice4:11
20.Two Love Songs, op. 30: Peace, My Heart3:18
21.Three Songs from "Façade": Daphne2:46
22.Three Songs from "Façade": Through Gilded Trellises3:57
23.Three Songs from "Façade": Old Sir Faulk2:02
24.Tu mi chamas2:31
25.You Take My Breath Away3:53

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