Anthology: The Definitive Collection mp3 Artist Compilation by Shirley Temple

Anthology: The Definitive Collectionby Shirley Temple

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:59:59


Disk #1

1.I'm Gettin Nuttin For Christmas (Remastered)2:33
2.Polly Wolly Doodle (Remastered)2:24
3.Animal Crackers In My Soup (Remastered)3:21
4.On The Good Ship Lollipop (Remastered)3:24
5.Oh, My Goodness (Remastered)3:50
6.At The Codfish Ball (Remastered)4:19
7.Come And Get Your Happiness (Remastered)2:34
8.Early Bird (Remastered)2:00
9.If All The World Were Paper (Remastered)1:02
10.Ain't She Sweet (Remastered)2:46
11.When I Grow Up (Remastered)5:32
12.Love's Young Dream (Remastered)1:39
13.Goodnight My Love (Remastered)1:26
14.Love To Walk In The Rain (Remastered)2:57
15.But Definitely (Remastered)3:38
16.The Toy Trumpet (Remastered)3:28
17.Peck's Theme Song (Remastered)0:47
18.On Account - A I Love You (Remastered)4:15
19.Laugh You Son Of A Gun (Remastered)1:31
20.Baby, Take A Bow (From Stand Up And Cheer) (Remastered)6:23
21.When I'm With You (Remastered)1:19
22.Sextette From Lucia (Remastered)2:22
23.He Was A Dandy (Remastered)2:27

Disk #2

1.You've Got To Smile (Remastered)1:13
2.Smile (Remastered)3:13
3.Hey! What Did The Blue Jay Say (Remastered)2:31
4.Minstrel Show Introduction, Dixie-Anna (Remastered)4:45
5.That's What I Want For Christmas (Remastered)2:02
6.This Is A Happy Little Ditty (Remastered)3:12
7.Picture Me Without You (Remastered)1:49
8.Fifth Avenue (Remastered)3:13
9.Laydeo (Remastered)0:58
10.Be Optimistic (Remastered)1:17
11.You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby (Remastered)3:49
12.Song And Dance (Remastered)1:40
13.I Love A Military Man (Remastered)3:44
14.Oeck's Theme Song (From The Poor Little Rich Girl) (Remastered)0:47
15.I Love To Walk In The Rain (Remastered)2:56
16.We Should Be Together (Remastered)2:58
17.Lullaby To A Doll (Remastered)0:39
18.Get On Board, Little Children (Remastered)1:11
19.Let Me Entertain You (Remastered)2:19
20.Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Remastered)1:09
21.Buy A Bar Of Barry's, When I'm With You (Remastered)4:06
22.The Right Somebody To Love (Remastered)4:31