Antipop mp3 Album by Primus
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:12


2.Electric Uncle Sam2:56
3.Natural Joe4:13
4.Lacquer Head3:49
5.The Antipop5:33
6.Eclectic Electric8:34
7.Greet The Scared Cow5:10
8.Mama Didn't Raise No Fool5:04
9.Dirty Drowning Man4:48
10.Ballad Of Bodacious3:29
11.Power Mad3:42
12.The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky5:40
13.Coattails Of A Dead Man9:57
This album is often considered to be the worst Primus release. I can understand why; most of the songs aren't that much memorable in comparison to Primus' early works. It has a very futuristic sound, and that may have scared off some fans. It's understandable, really. Personally, I don't really think this album deserves all of that. It still sounds like Primus, just... different. It's not like they've finally decided to add keyboards into their songs (though Larry LaLonde plays a synthesizer in "Eclectic Electric"), and Claypool's bass riffs still sound awesome as hell. Brain's drumming is way simpler than Herb's, that's for sure, but it isn't exactly worse. Of course, I'm still sticking with Herb. The music is some of the heaviest ever included in a Primus album. Of course, Frizzle Fry handles this much better, but songs like "Eclectic Electric", "The Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky" and "Electric Uncle Sam" make up for it. Overall, I wouldn't say this album is bad, but it surely isn't their best. I'd recommend Frizzle Fry or Pork Soda over this, but it's still a great record. Better than Green Naugahyde, I'd say.