Antura Records: Best Of Six Years mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Antura Records: Best Of Six Yearsby Various Artists

  • 60 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:46:54


Disk #1

1.Mood Doctors (DJs) (Leonardo Gonnelli Remix) (and Alexandros)by Greg Ignatovich5:57
2.Jenny (Original Mix)by Enrico Caruso6:39
3.Pressure (Oscar Poulsen Remix) (and Joseph Mancino)by Dubman F.6:46
4.Equilibrium (Matt Sassari Remix) (and Luca Maniaci)by Ben Teufel6:09
5.Hives (Emanuele Inga Remix) (and Julian Budvin)by Jack Durante6:26
6.Is A Clap (Original Mix) (and Lucas Ferreyra)by Sergio Saffe6:18
7.Play This (Volkoder Remix)by Cele6:00
8.Static (Original Mix)by Saytek6:49
9.Do Your Thing (Arado Remix) (and Alessandro De Tuglie)by Ben Teufel6:24
10.Ruffles (Emanuele Inglese Remix) (and Hector Diez)by Darkrow6:01
11.Cause I Feel It (Original Mix)by Neverdogs6:22
12.Maxi Station (Original Mix)by Karretero6:20
13.The Universal Language (Original Mix)by Nuendo7:25
14.Remember The Days (Luca Donzelli Remix)by Ben Teufel8:27
15.Beliefs (Patryk Molinari Remix)by Peppou6:42
16.Hannami (Original Mix) (and Hector Diez)by Darkrow6:23
17.Do Your Thing (Eskuche Remix) (and Alessandro De Tuglie)by Ben Teufel6:40
18.Dynamite (Enrico Caruso Remix)by Dr. Alfred6:39
19.Visionnaire (Original Mix) (and Mr. Deka)by Hunzed6:59
20.Background (Steve Nash Remix)by Fabio Neural7:35

Disk #2

1.Day (Anek Remix)by Crowdkillers7:01
2.Unite (Luca Lento Remix)by Mehmet Ozbek6:42
3.Gran Cassa (Basti Grub Remix)by Ben Teufel6:18
4.So Cool (Hernan Bass Remix)by Spega6:43
5.Feel Much Better (Dubman F. Remix) (and Alexandros)by Greg Ignatovich6:48
6.Rock The Beat (Original Mix)by Samuele Scelfo6:26
7.U See (Alex Kennon 5 A.M. Remix)by Ben Teufel7:35
8.Mamita's (Ben Teufel Remix)by Neverdogs7:31
9.Equilibrium (Kiko Remix) (and Luca Maniaci)by Ben Teufel6:34
10.Black (Original Mix)by Carl Bee8:10
11.Uluna (Original Mix)by Collective Machine7:16
12.You Different (Manuel De Lorenzi Destino Remix) (and Gaetano C)by Son-Tec6:48
13.Oranje (Original Mix) (and Deetech)by Alex Young6:18
14.Fatboy (DJ Le Roi Remix)by Ioakim Sayz6:48
15.Two Years Ago (Who & Who Remix)by Spega7:25
16.Can You Feel (Karretero Remix)by Dubman F.6:30
17.Drum Song (Freedomb Remix)by dotSTRIP6:05
18.On My Own (Original Mix)by Stefano Crabuzza6:53
19.Different Faces (Neverdogs Remix) (and Seeward)by Sandro Beninati6:54
20.Ruthless Noise (Original Mix)by Waitz6:53

Disk #3

1.Waiting For A Flight (Danniel Selfmade Remix) (and Julien.M)by Franz Costa6:42
2.Andrade (Original Mix)by Off Key7:52
3.Bad Decisions Make Good Stories (Just2 Remix)by Robot Needs Oil7:05
4.Straws In The Wind (Francis White Remix)by Tommaso Nuti6:32
5.Can't Stop (Fhaken Remix)by Hector Bello6:34
6.Heart In The Hands (Daniele Kama Remix) (and THRIZ)by Federico Alesi7:24
7.Break The Surface (Original Mix)by Shawn Jackson6:32
8.No Piano (M.F.S Observatory Acid Remix) (and Paniz69)by Guti Legatto8:06
9.Coco (Original Mix)by Alessandro de Tuglie6:04
10.Baila (Original Mix)by Jay De Lys7:29
11.Peace (Luixar KL Remix)by Mr. Lekka6:54
12.Oh Everything (Cele Remix)by James Meid6:16
13.What's Up Man (Bassel Darwish Remix) (vs. Bohemien & Raf Parola)by Joe Vanditti6:16
14.Brace Yourself (Rapha (Italy) Remix) (and No Rabbitz)by Vynal K5:36
15.Bat Shiba (Tripio X Remix)by Gianni Cuomo6:56
16.Underworld (Original Mix)by K.A.M.A.6:12
17.What I Am (Original Mix)by Stephen Macias6:50
18.Step By Fly (Original Mix)by Luis Martinez6:16
19.Ermitage (Original Mix) (and Lonely)by Gianni Sabato8:04
20.Tommaso (Original Mix)by Alf&Gio6:35