Armada Trance 4 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Armada Trance 4by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:53


Disk #1

1.Beauty Hides in the Deep (The Blizzard remix intro mix)by The Doppler Effect6:38
2.Please Don't Go (Chris Reese vocal mix)by Dobenbeck3:57
3.La Guitarra (original mix)by Ørjan Nilsen2:13
4.Daydream (original mix) (vs. Andy Moor)by Markus Schulz2:57
5.Push Over (original mix)by Heatbeat3:40
6.For You (The Blizzard remix)by Envio3:54
7.In and Out of Love (The Blizzard remix) (feat. Sharon den Adel)by Armin van Buuren2:11
8.Don't Wake Me Up (San Antonio Harbour dub) (feat. Adrina Thorpe)by DJ Shah2:11
9.Trance Indicator (original mix)by Push2:46
10.1st Strike (original mix)by Josh Gallahan3:36
11.Fallin Backwards (Duderstadt Hard dub) (feat. Aruna)by George Acosta2:52
12.Rise Up (original mix)by Plastic Boy2:23
13.Countach (original mix)by W&W3:55
14.Pandora (original mix)by Mike Foyle2:54
15.Perfect Blue (original mix)by Akesson3:32
16.Nailed (original mix)by Paul Webster3:31
17.Chaos Theory (original mix)by Dazzle3:58
18.Redemption (Sebastian Brandt remix)by Sophie Sugar4:39
19.Temptation (Denga & Manus remix)by Vengeance4:47
20.Out There 2008 (5th Dimension) (Daniel Kandi Bangin' remix) (feat. Justine Suissa)by Masters & Nickson6:39

Disk #2

1.Powered (original mix)by Julian Royal2:29
2.Soultech! (Simon & Shaker remix) (vs. Groove García)by Simon & Shaker3:28
3.Siren (original mix)by The Jay Lumen Vibe3:43
4.Carbine (original mix)by Max Graham2:58
5.In a Trance (original mix)by Glenn Morrison4:12
6.The Whisper (EDX's Ibiza Sunrise remix)by SIKK3:59
7.Lost Language (Ruben de Ronde remix)by Aly & Fila2:58
8.They Always Come Back (original mix)by Arnej4:12
9.Army of Two (The Jay Lumen Mainstage remix) (vs. Beltek)by UMEK4:27
10.Monkey Square (original mix) (vs. Strobe)by Isma-Ae4:14
11.Shana (Duderstadt Progressive dub)by Mr. Pit2:54
12.Invisible (original mix) (meets Tenishia)by Kirsty Hawkshaw4:56
13.A Better World (club mix) (vs. Andrew Bennett)by M.I.K.E.3:26
14.Razorface (Shawn Mitiska remix)by Daniel Lindeberg3:23
15.Never Forget (Klems remix)by Fei Fei3:34
16.Yoe Never Said (Dash Berlin remix) (vs. Mitiska & Jaren)by Cerf3:42
17.For a Lifetime (DJ Shah remix)by Ascension3:04
18.Ready (Robert Nickson remix)by Nifra3:31
19.So Cold (original mix)by Sebastian Brandt4:11
20.Geek Love (Peter Martijn Wijnia remix)by Heatbeat4:19