Balance 003: Bill Hamel mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Balance 003: Bill Hamelby Various Artists

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:57


Disk #1

1.Phased (Blackwatch Spanish Harlem dub)by Darko5:54
2.The DJ, the Music and Me (Peace Division Freaky vocal mix)by Lula5:45
3.Give Me Fierceby UDG4:30
4.Mindcircus (Tarrentella & Redanka dub)by Way Out West6:04
5.Groundfloor EP (Tribalfusion)by Joeski4:00
6.Primary Funktionby Hipp-e5:30
7.Big Toolby Chris Lum7:30
8.Amazonia (Chus & Ceballos Iberican mix)by Circus Night6:19
9.Do You Mean What You Say?by SSL5:00
10.Kenny's Back (and Sahar Z)by Guy Gerber7:53
11.Gorecki (Hamel's Bootleg mix)by Lamb6:30
12.Song to the Siren (Filterheadz Undercurrent vocal mix)by Barraka8:08

Disk #2

1.Close (Evolution mix)by Hamel9:05
2.Headstrong (Relentless vocal mix)by Tilt7:52
3.Boz Bozby Quivver7:52
4.Bellslutby Mike G5:40
5.Controlby Gardner & Thomas5:10
6.With or Without You (feat. Machineries of Heaven) (Blackwatch Orient Point mix)by Powerplant5:40
7.Need (Satoshi Tomiie Main-Path mix)by Little Green Man8:37
8.Gentle Rain (and Greed)by Blackwatch7:25
9.Closing Inby Redbak7:33

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CD 1 - Pretty Groovy!
This is a review on CD 1. I have CD 2 but have yet to listen to it.

A wonderful blend of groovy progressive beats.

All the tracks in CD 1 are seamlessly mixed into an eclectic enjoyment. You move from track to track without realising it. I'm listening to it in 2016 and definitely feeling the vibe - a testament to its timeless quality.

The reason why I didn't give it a 5 star is because (as a matter of personal preference) there is no obvious standout track that I'd loved to listen to again and again. That said, I do have this mix on my iPod and Mindcircus is pretty cool!

Definitely give it a go!