Balance 026: Hernán Cattáneo mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Balance 026: Hernán Cattáneoby Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:08


Disk #1

1.Aquarius (version 3)by Boards of Canada4:32
2.Solitude (and Soundexile feat. Luciana)by Hernán Cattáneo6:11
3.Blue Shadow (Slow dance mix)by Chaim3:40
4.Pavement (Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue Slow remix)by Silinder3:03
5.Changing Daysby Mano Le Tough3:21
6.Rapideye (and Soundexile)by Hernán Cattáneo4:14
7.Happy to Be Sad (Derek's Happy Again mix)by Derek Howell4:43
8.On My Way to Hell (Balance mix) (feat. Catnapp)by Mercurio5:38
9.No. No... (John Tejada mix)by The Field4:07
10.Clouded (interlude)by Moderat0:59
11.Out of the Gameby Weval3:38
12.Spongesby Mike Griego5:23
13.Ginga (and Soundexile)by Hernán Cattáneo3:41
14.Shelter (Slow Phase mix)by Spooky1:50
15.Believe, Belongby YEWS3:49
16.Lunar (and Soundexile)by Hernán Cattáneo4:16
17.Irminsul, le pilier du Monde (2014 edit)by Damabiah5:12
18.Half Lifeby Gui Boratto4:10
19.Dizzy Moments (AM mix)by Guy J4:53

Disk #2

1.Into the Edge (and Soundexile)by Hernán Cattáneo4:43
2.Changes (and Hakimonu)by Roi Okev5:15
3.Underwaterby Chaim5:46
4.Modjo (Andy Arias interpretation)by Ivory Street4:50
5.Parallax (and Soundexile)by Hernán Cattáneo6:09
6.Fugazzi (and Soundexile)by Hernán Cattáneo4:34
7.Fragile Circleby Cid Inc4:41
8.Sweet Break Upby Khen4:40
9.Joranby We Need Cracks4:39
10.Esperanza (Santi Mossman rework)by Guy J2:19
11.Disclosure (Simon Vuarambon remix) (feat. Richie Hennessey)by James Teej6:43
12.Patterns (Guy Mantzur's 2014 remix) (and Sahar Z)by Guy Mantzur8:01
13.Lonely Colorby Guy J4:30
14.Imaginarium (and Guy Mantzur)by Hernán Cattáneo6:27
15.Lotus (and Soundexile)by Hernán Cattáneo4:31

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