Batman mp3 Soundtrack by Prince

Batmanby Prince

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:32


1.The Futureby Prince4:08
2.Electric Chairby Prince4:09
3.The Arms Of Orion (Feat. Sheena Easton)by Prince5:03
4.Partymanby Prince3:11
5.Vicki Waitingby Prince4:52
6.Trustby Prince4:24
7.Lemon Crushby Prince4:15
8.Scandalousby Prince6:16
9.Batdanceby Prince6:14

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This was a solid effort from Prince. The public thought even more of it, as it was the number one album for six straight weeks, and went on to sell eleven million albums. I can't say there are a lot of singles that came from this soundtrack that would really make one of my playlists, but the thing about this album was that it suited the movie so well.

I am not a huge fan of Prince, but I do respect what he had done musically. Here in particular, he put together a group of songs that each had a place in the film. In fact, Price associated each song here with a character from the movie. Initially, Michael Jackson was slated tofi half the album, but this never happened, probably for the best. Prince really dedicated himself to this project, inserting samples from the movie into many of the songs and creating the perfect atmosphere for it. You'll hear a little of "1999" in "Partyman", appropriately. Vicki Waiting conveys an anxiousness that fit the moment. Prince protégé Sheena Easton makes an appearance in "Arms of Orion", adding a second voice in the most dramatic song of the bunch. The fun "Batdance" was a number one single for Price.

Prince's fans clearly loved this album, as did fans of the movie. I would suggest seeing the film before getting this, as it's a bit out of it's time today without that background. But overall, it's a solid R&B album by a motivated Prince.