Batman: Arkham City mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Batman: Arkham Cityby Various Artists

  • 19 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:00


1.Arkham City Main Themeby Nick Arundel2:48
2.Sorry, Boysby Nick Arundel1:50
3.A Monument to Your Failureby Ron Fish1:57
4.Have You Got My Locationby Nick Arundel4:20
5.This Court Is Now in Sessionby Nick Arundel2:17
6.It Was the Jokerby Nick Arundel2:20
7.I Think You Should Do as He Saysby Nick Arundel2:35
8.Refusal Will Not Be Toleratedby Nick Arundel2:44
9.Wham. Gotcha!by Nick Arundel3:29
10.Let's Hear Him Squealby Nick Arundel3:01
11.I Know What You Guys Are Thinkingby Nick Arundel3:35
12.It's Initiation Timeby Nick Arundel2:00
13.What's He Doing Here?by Nick Arundel2:14
14.How Does It Feel, Pig?by Nick Arundel2:20
15.Call Him Offby Nick Arundel4:36
16.You Should Have Listened to My Warningby Nick Arundel2:10
17.You Need to Think This Throughby Nick Arundel2:44
18.Bring Her Back to Meby Ron Fish2:09
19.It's Not Even Breakfastby Ron Fish & Nick Arundel3:51