Battering Ram (Limited Edition) mp3 Album by Saxon

Battering Ram (Limited Edition)by Saxon

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:07:22


Disk #1

1.Battering Ram4:56
2.The Devil's Footprint4:09
3.Queen of Hearts5:08
5.Hard and Fast4:46
6.Eye of the Storm3:55
7.Stand Your Ground4:16
8.Top of the World4:01
9.To the End5:51
10.Kingdom of the Cross6:08
11.Three Sheets to the Wind (The Drinking Song)3:54

Disk #2

1.Intro / Hammer of the Gods (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)5:03
2.Heavy Metal Thunder (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)3:19
3.Motorcycle Man (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)3:40
4.Back in '79 (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)3:05
5.Never Surrender (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)3:25
6.Fire in the Sky (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)1:45
7.Midnight Rider (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)2:16
8.And the Bands Played On (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)3:19
9.The Eagle Has Landed (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)7:43
10.Play It Loud (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)3:22
11.Rough and Ready (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)2:13
12.Out of Control (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)2:33
13.Denim and Leather (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)5:08
14.Princess of the Night (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)5:08
15.747 (Strangers in the Night) (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)5:30
16.Crusader (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)5:30
17.Strong Arm of the Law (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)4:12
18.Wheels of Steel (Saxon Over Sweden 2011)9:46