Beat it... Killertracks from the roarin' 60's mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Beat it... Killertracks from the roarin' 60'sby Various Artists

  • 84 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:43:04


Disk #1

1.Hey Gypby The Truth2:05
2.Let's Live For Todayby The Rokes3:05
3.Take Her Anytimeby The Longboatmen2:55
4.Blackby The Throb3:14
5.I'm A Manby St. John & Crew3:11
6.The Addicted Manby The Game2:22
7.So Come Onby Fleur De Lys1:51
8.I'm Leaving Hereby K-Otics2:36
9.Everybody Knowsby Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs2:10
10.Only In Her Hometownby The Longboatmen2:06
11.One Fine Dayby Shel Naylor2:28
12.I'll Be Doggoneby Glen Ingram2:34
13.Diddy Wah Diddyby Running Jumping Standing Still2:24
14.Real Crazy Apartmentby Winston's Fumbs2:51
15.I Mean Itby Him & The Others3:06
16.Neighbour Neighbourby The Spectres2:44
17.I Rememberby Les Goths2:35
18.I've Gotta Buzzby The Buzz3:28
19.Subwayby The Tickle2:40
20.You Don't Love Meby The Birds2:05
21.Night Of The Phantomby Larry & The Blue Notes2:13
22.The Crusherby The Novas2:00
23.Surfin' Birdby The Trashmen2:21
24.Somethin' Elseby The Missing Links2:03
25.Shake Itby The Groundhogs2:04
26.She's A Witchby Keith Dangerfield2:47
27.My Friend Jack (diff. version)by The Smoke3:07
28.Say Those Magic Words (diff. version)by Birds Birds3:13
29.Book Of Loveby Jefferson Lee2:02

Disk #2

1.A Little Bit Hurtby Julien Covey & The Machine2:25
2.Beg, Borrow And Stealby Mouse And The Traps2:32
3.Orient Expressby The Lee Kings2:37
4.Short Circuitby The Id2:53
5.Locked In A Roomby The Poets3:07
6.You Belong To Meby St. John & Crew3:06
7.Don't Want Thatby The Betterdays2:15
8.Mud In Your Eyeby Fleur De Lys3:03
9.Children Of Tomorrowby Mike Stuart Span3:17
10.The World For Usby Sad Sack Set2:39
11.Path Through The Forestby Factory4:03
12.Ball And Chainby The Anteeeks2:04
13.I Live In The Springtimeby The Lemon Drops2:54
14.What Are You Going To Doby The Moving Sidewalks2:28
15.Your Love Is Burning Meby Thane Russal & Three2:56
16.Kicks & Chicksby The Zipps3:13
17.Believe In Meby The Throb3:02
18.Done Me Wrongby The Couriers2:12
19.Universal Vagrantby Chords Five2:50
20.Of Paupers And Poetsby White Lightning2:33
21.City Jungle Part 1by The Beautiful Daze2:21
22.Love Is Justby T. C. Atlantic2:37
23.She's My Babyby The Mojo Men2:59
24.Behind Locked Doorsby The Missing Lynx2:36
25.Williamby White Lightning2:05
26.Lazy Ladyby Macabre3:24
27.Voodoo Womanby Simon Stokes & The Nighthawks2:27

Disk #3

1.Turn Into Earthby Al Stewart2:52
2.I've Got The Loveby Rupert's People4:03
3.At The Stationby The Bunch Of Fives2:07
4.Butchers And Bakersby Chocolate Frog2:53
5.Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigeratorby Sands2:03
6.Journey To The Center Of Your Mindby The Amboy Dukes3:35
7.Night Comes Downby Mickey Finn2:10
8.One Thirdby The Majority2:12
9.You're On My Mindby The Birds2:04
10.Boy Meets Girlby Paper Blitz Tissue2:54
11.The Bummerby Lincoln St. Exit2:24
12.Out Of The Sunby Les Goths2:46
13.Come Girlby The Gurus2:05
14.Oh Yeahby The Others2:52
15.Hot Rockby Stone's Masonry3:16
16.Machinesby Herbal Mixture2:02
17.Liarby Fleur De Lys3:20
18.I'm In A Fixby The Voids2:37
19.Concerto Of Thoughtsby Mike Stuart Span3:04
20.Snow Whiteby Winston's Fumbs2:31
21.Hateby The Perils2:12
22.Hammer-Headby Fleur De Lys1:30
23.Train To Disasterby The Voice2:49
24.She Needs Meby The Grains Of Sand2:39
25.Love-Opus 193by Rupert's People2:42
26.Bubble Gumby Kim Fowley2:26
27.Passportby Brincos2:49
28.In Loveby Spice3:09

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