Belgian New Beat: The Compilation, Volume 2 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Belgian New Beat: The Compilation, Volume 2by Various Artists

  • 57 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:10:26


Disk #1

1.Cocaine Sex (Sub Aqua Overdrive Dub)by Renegade Soundwave4:27
2.Manipulationsby Schicksal3:22
3.Trans Dance (Metal Mix) (feat. The Rebel)by Trans World Action6:29
4.Take Her Downby War People4:26
5.Witness The Change (Dub Version)by Pete Shelley5:09
6.Hiroshimaby Nux Nemo7:37
7.Chinese Waysby Secrets of China6:07
8.Abadan (Monday Morning Mix)by Blue Vertigo4:10
9.Noise Gate (Sancho Mix)by Chico Crew6:25
10.Taste My Acid Fruitby Miss Nude5:48
11.Acid In The Houseby Miss Nicky Traxx5:27
12.Cocaineby The Maxx4:53
13.Baby Wants To Rideby Jamie Principle9:20
14.Electricityby F.O.G.5:25

Disk #2

1.Automan (Dub Mix)by Newcleus5:16
2.Rumours Of Warby Alan Rankine3:23
3.Vachillia (Nasty Phibes Mix)by Dr. Phibes5:29
4.God Bless Americaby White House White5:33
5.A Dirty Song (Instrumental)by Carlos Perón5:05
6.Beat In The Streetby Beat Beat Beat5:36
7.Komobinnby Acidity4:22
8.Cold House Smileyby Cosmetics5:08
9.Take An Acidby BX-80174:52
10.Rauchen (Instrumental)by ZAG4:40
11.Take Me To Your Leaderby F.X. Intruders6:20
12.New Beats The Houseby Grey House5:18
13.Ibiza (Loco Acid Mix)by Amnesia5:32
14.Alarmby Nitzer Ebb4:42
15.Saigon Nightmareby 1013:47

Disk #3

1.Beachby Chayell6:30
2.Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)by Section 258:39
3.When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes Trueby Bill Nelson3:42
4.Vetettem Violátby Ei Mori5:26
5.Controller II (The Continious Story)by Rebel X & Vector S4:53
6.SMby S.M.5:22
7.Cycle 92by Bleep5:24
8.Pleasure And Crime (Instrumental)by Signal Août 427:41
9.Paranoia (Destruction Mix)by Domination5:45
10.Something Scaryby Zsa Zsa La Boum5:04
11.Brainkillerby Reject 7075:42
12.The Drop Dealby Bazz5:05
13.Nebula 1by Nebula9:35

Disk #4

1.He's An Arabianby Chris & Cosey3:35
2.Morockoby Shock Taktix8:17
3.Game Above My Headby Blancmange7:05
4.Death Discoby Arbeid Adelt!2:38
5.Target (New Beat Mix)by Target6:01
6.Body Heatby The Gang of V.D.P.5:28
7.Public Relationsby Public Relations4:10
8.Kick Danton's Voice4:56
9.Kamaleioby Kash in the East5:03
10.Tragic Revolutionby Intension6:12
11.Back From Spaceby Inter Phase5:16
12.Some Like It Hotby New Design4:11
13.It's Not The Way To Do It (Instrumental)by The Concrete Beat3:59
14.Roman Daysby Fred Brown6:09
15.Breakdownby Kate B4:30

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