Beloved Antichrist mp3 Album by Therion

Beloved Antichristby Therion

  • 46 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:02:54


Disk #1

1.Turn From Heaven3:07
2.Where Will You Go?2:15
3.Through Dust, Through Rain5:01
4.Signs Are Here4:21
5.Never Again2:21
6.Bring Her Home4:00
7.The Solid Black Beyond3:48
8.The Crowning of Splendour3:35
9.Morning Has Broken6:39
10.Garden of Peace3:25
11.Our Destiny2:42
13.The Palace Ball5:21
14.Jewels From Afar4:22
15.Hail Caesar!5:11
16.What Is Wrong?2:08
17.Nothing but My Name3:03

Disk #2

1.The Arrival of Apollonius5:07
2.Pledging Loyalty2:56
3.Night Reborn3:58
4.Dagger of God3:33
5.Temple of New Jerusalem4:02
6.The Lions Roar3:44
7.Bringing the Gospel4:44
8.Laudate Dominum5:01
9.Remaining Silent2:56
10.Behold Antichrist4:40
11.Cursed by the Fallen2:00
13.To Where I Weep5:58
14.Astral Sophia5:43
15.Thy Will Be Done!4:37

Disk #3

1.Shoot Them Down!3:49
2.Beneath the Starry Skies4:27
3.Forgive Me9:42
4.The Wasteland of My Heart3:24
5.Burning the Palace8:22
6.Prelude to War0:38
7.Day of Wrath4:14
8.Rise to War3:48
9.Time Has Come / Final Battle2:57
10.My Voyage Carries On3:52
11.Striking Darkness2:05
12.Seeds of Time1:39
13.To Shine Forever2:07
14.Theme of Antichrist3:32