Best Of Bond... James Bond - 50th Anniversary Collection mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best Of Bond... James Bond - 50th Anniversary Collectionby Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:01


Disk #1

1.James Bond Themeby The John Barry Orchestra1:47
2.From Russia With Loveby Matt Monro2:33
3.Goldfingerby Shirley Bassey2:48
4.Thunderballby Tom Jones3:02
5.You Only Live Twiceby Nancy Sinatra2:45
6.On Her Majesty's Secret Serviceby The John Barry Orchestra2:35
7.We Have All the Time in the Worldby Louis Armstrong3:13
8.Diamonds Are Foreverby Shirley Bassey2:41
9.Live and Let Dieby Paul Mccartney & Wings3:13
10.The Man With the Golden Gunby Lulu2:34
11.Nobody Does It Betterby Carly Simon3:28
12.Moonrakerby Shirley Bassey3:08
13.For Your Eyes Onlyby Sheena Easton3:03
14.All Time Highby Rita Coolidge3:02
15.A VIew to a Killby Duran Duran3:34
16.The Living Daylightsby a-ha4:13
17.Licence to Killby Gladys Knight4:11
18.Goldeneyeby Tina Turner3:29
19.Tomorrow Never Diesby Sheryl Crow4:52
20.The World Is Not Enoughby Garbage3:57
21.Die Another Dayby Madonna4:36
22.You Know My Nameby Chris Cornell4:01
23.Another Way to Dieby Jack White & Alicia Keys4:23

Disk #2

1.Dr. No's Fantasyby The Monty Norman Orchestra1:41
2.Under the Mango Treeby Diana Coupland2:22
3.007by The John Barry Orchestra2:45
4.Opening Titles (Medley)by The John Barry Orchestra2:28
5.Into Miamiby The John Barry Orchestra0:57
6.The Laser Beamby The John Barry Orchestra2:54
7.Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bangby Shirley Bassey2:14
8.Switching the Bodyby The John Barry Orchestra2:46
9.Capsule in Spaceby The John Barry Orchestra2:40
10.Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grownby Nina3:20
11.Bond Smells a Ratby The John Barry Orchestra1:53
12.Fillet of Soul (Medley)by The George Martin Orchestra3:20
13.Underground Lairby The John Barry Orchestra4:17
14.Hip's Tripby The John Barry Orchestra3:20
15.The Pyramidsby Marvin Hamlisch1:30
16.Cable Car and Snake Fightby The John Barry Orchestra3:07
17.Make It Last All Nightby Bill Conti3:29
18.The Chase Bomb Themeby The John Barry Orchestra1:56
19.Snow Jobby The John Barry Orchestra2:29
20.Where Has Everybody Goneby The Pretenders3:36
21.If There Was a Manby The Pretenders2:49
22.The Experience of Loveby Eric Serra5:54
23.James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-version)by Moby3:22
24.Surrenderby K.D. Lang3:55
25.Only Myself to Blameby Scott Walker3:35
26.Vesperby David Arnold1:45
27.Time to Get Outby David Arnold3:29

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