Best of Uplifting Trance 2015 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best of Uplifting Trance 2015by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:56:12


1.Incomplete (Allen & Envy Remix)by Dart Rayne6:40
2.Here I Am (Original Mix)by Kaimo K6:43
3.Reason To Believe (Original Mix)by Adam Ellis8:00
4.ReUnited (Original Mix)by Bluskay8:09
5.Sunflowers (Original Mix)by A.R.D.I8:55
6.Built To Last (Original Mix)by ReLocate8:08
7.Before I Met You (James Rigby Remix)by Ana Criado7:53
8.Laniakea (Original Mix)by Luke Terry5:37
9.Completely (Original Mix)by Sou Kanai7:39
10.Northern Lights (Matt Bukovski Remix)by Tucandeo6:39
11.Happiness Happening 2014 (Allen & Envy & Sunset Remix)by Simon Paul7:00
12.The Heart That Never Sleeps (Allen Watts Remix)by Allen & Envy6:36
13.Infinity (Original Mix)by Redmoon7:01
14.Shadows (The Sound of Without You) (Original Mix)by Feel5:24
15.Beautiful Nothing (Original Mix)by Radion65:41
16.Never Let You Down (Cold Rush Remix)by Tenishia6:33
17.All I Ever Wanted (Uplifting Remix)by Denis Sender6:02
18.Midnight (Original Mix)by Luke Terry6:33
19.Let Your Heart Beat Home (Lence & Pluton Remix)by Nitrous Oxide6:35
20.A Little Rain (Allen & Envy Remix)by Mike Shiver6:51
21.The Loneliest Place (Arisen Flame Remix)by Steve Nyman6:39
22.Jetpack (Original Mix)by ReLocate7:55
23.Awake (JP Bates Remix)by Tucandeo7:20
24.Future FunLand (Extended 12Inch (Remastering 2014))by Perpetuous Dreamer7:13
25.Yin (Solid Globe Remix (Remastering 2014))by Nickelson8:26