Best Sound Of Chill & Lounge 2019 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Best Sound Of Chill & Lounge 2019by Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:39


1.Open End (Deep Jazzy Electro Cut) (and Audiozoom)by Frank Doberitz5:17
2.Electro Jazz (Cool Groove Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Bernon5:03
3.For You (I Do What It Takes Lo-Fi Chill Mix)by Jean Mare2:52
4.A Mirrow (Chilltronic Lounge Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by CiYou3:25
5.Harmonic Movements (Old School Lounge Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Soundset City3:49
6.Sunday 3 AM (Original Mix) (and Jazzy System)by Dave Neville3:30
7.City Islands (Jazzy Young Groove Mix) (and Audiozoom)by Frank Doberitz4:41
8.Blue Sunset (Chillwave Mix) (and Martin Kaiser)by Beatwork6:17
9.Modern Clubhouse (Deep Chillhouse Voices Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Pulsatronic3:53
10.Deeper (Chillhouse Cut) (and Frank Doberitz)by Bernon4:24
11.New Love (Spheric Chillout Mix) (and Aqualuna)by Dave Neville4:44
12.Innocence (Mystic Voices World Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Artenovum4:43
13.Breath Of Dawn (Atmosphere Voice Mix)by Jean Mare4:34
14.Performance Modus (Deep Soundscape Mix) (and Chris Sulta)by Buddhatronic4:40
15.Lights Of Dawn (Ray Of Hope Mix)by For Found Future5:08
16.Hym Of Mystic Treasures (Audition Of Sounds Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Artenovum4:24
17.Secret World (Mode X Chillout Mix)by Jean Mare5:25
18.Electronic Dream Flight (Cool Groove Soundscape Mix)by Rrichard Bonnee5:01
19.Abstract Fragments (Lounge Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Nightzoom4:11
20.Shining Star (Smooth Vocal Lounge Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Soundset City3:28
21.Stay Tuned (Lo-Fi Lounge Mix)by Nightbar Jazz4:13
22.Night Lounge Corner (Sexy Chillhop Mix) (and Nightview)by Richard Bonnee4:31
23.I Don't Know What To Do (Vocal Melody Cut) (and Frank Doberitz)by Soundset City3:42
24.Short Harmony (Nu Jazz Lounge Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Bernon4:56
25.Old And New (Lo-Fi Chill Cut) (and Frank Doberitz)by CiYou4:50
26.Loungebreak (Retro Lounge Mix) (and Nightzoom)by Frank Doberitz3:49
27.Temporary Condition (Lo-Fi Chillhop Mix) (and Jazzy System)by Dave Neville4:35
28.Otherwise (Downtempo Lounge Mix)by Francois Dupont4:18
29.Missing Control (Future Sound Mix)by The Space Ensemble Project5:02
30.Flowers From Mars (To The Sky And Back Mix) (and Francois Dupont)by Sunscapes Project3:39
31.Voyage (Enigmatic Spirit Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Artenovum5:04
32.Endless Movements (Alchemy Mix)by Guardians of Secret5:06
33.Sunshaker (Soundscape Del Mar Mix) (and Frank Doberitz)by Artenovum4:25