Between the Buttons mp3 Album by The Rolling Stones

Between the Buttonsby The Rolling Stones

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 38:43


1.Yesterday'S Papers2:06
2.My Obsession3:18
3.Back Street Girl3:29
5.She Smiled Sweetly2:46
6.Cool, Calm & Collected4:20
7.All Sold Out2:19
8.Please Go Home3:19
9.Who'S Been Sleeping Here3:57
11.Miss Amanda Jones2:48
12.Something Happened To Me Yeste4:55
Definitely my favorite Stones album of all time! According to Wikipedia, Charlie Watts is credited with the title "Between the Buttons," a phrase meaning undecided. It was released the early part of 1967 and I was instantly drawn in as were my two brothers. This is the UK version that we bought in Germany where I attended high school. A strong album indeed, we wore it out and discussed it endlessly. Funny, but I didn't really get back to the Stones until much later when they released Sticky Fingers. While the whole album is great, tunes like "Obsession," "Connection," and of course my favorite, "Back Street Girl" are sublime. Talk about bringing back memories. BTB truly represented a departure for the Stones; one that I recall was well received.