BFI Live! mp3 Live by Billy Idol
  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:40:27


Disk #1

1.Postcards From the Past (live in Houston)5:52
2.Cradle of Love (live in Nashville)4:38
3.Can't Break Me Down (live in Nashville)4:05
4.Dancing With Myself (live in Nashville)5:45
5.Flesh for Fantasy (live in Dallas)7:16
6.Save Me Now (live in Dallas)6:23

Disk #2

1.Ready Steady Go (live in Vienna)3:54
2.Sweet Sixteen (live in Odense)7:37
3.Eyes Without a Face (live in Council Bluffs)7:08
4.L.A. Woman (live in Portland)7:28
5.Dementia (live in Morristown)5:40
6.Whiskey and Pills (live in Vienna)4:17

Disk #3

1.Blue Highway (live in Munich)8:27
2.Rebel Yell (live in Atlanta)7:31
3.White Wedding (live in Houston)5:20
4.Mony Mony (live in Council Bluffs)9:06