25 (Target Edition) mp3 Album by Adele

25 (Target Edition)by Adele

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:13


2.Send My Love (to Your New Lover)3:43
3.I Miss You5:49
4.When We Were Young4:51
6.Water Under the Bridge4:00
7.River Lea3:45
8.Love in the Dark4:46
9.Million Years Ago3:47
10.All I Ask4:32
11.Sweetest Devotion4:12
12.Can't Let Go3:18
13.Lay Me Down4:30
14.Why Do You Love Me3:59
That Adele is now a very big lady we can call an understatement. She was already after 19.
But at 21, nobody left, and due to the success of that album, the knives were sharpened before the appearing of 25, which is apparent from 0.5 * votes just after the album has been leaked, or not in its want to listen completely but want to judge.

You must find some of Adele apparently, it does not seem to matter if you like it or not. You also do not escape and that hurts many. I do not suffer from this because I never listen to the radio and became 19 enthusiast with it.
To 21 I looked great and that album picked me up and I still feel powerful (benefit not being dumped but dosing myself). It touched me.

With this album, 'looking forward to' was less embarrassing, more healthy interest. Can they surpass that enormous success even more? Not very important, but it can play a huge part in making such an album. All eyes were focused on her. And she is happy now with her family, is that going to affect that?

In all these points is something. Adele is delivering an album on 25, and she will be happy to score. 21 exceed? No idea. Perhaps a bit the Michael Jackson effect after Thriller. Bad also scored tremendously, but never matched Thriller's success, it was almost impossible, but it became a mega-clap.
Hartzeer still sounds on 25, and how sincerely you can ask yourself. I did not really mind the texts, so I do not dare to give judgment.
She sometimes tries to add a new sauce, something that causes me to break something of the emotion that could cause 21 to me. I have less now. It is not forced, but it is a bit more distant to me.
Of course, the 'novelty' can start from what I get, I have that with so many artists so that's nothing crazy.

And further? I think it's a nice pop album with a jerky soul. It's a good deduction on the weltschmerz that I usually listen to, so listening to Nick Drake with catchy eyes is still happening and of The Smiths and Pixies I'll always be a huge fan. Sometimes choosing another menu is sometimes so delicious. Adele serves the next time.

And delicious, the new Adele is just heard again, definitely with a song like Sweetest Devotion. We prefer sailing, so it will (often) happen. Adele will not wake up to her (her cashier is still shaking again) and the lovers are alive. I'm a lover so you know that again.
I have no words to describe the amazingness of Adele, such an incredible voice. This is long awaited third album by her named "25." This one takes a slightly different direction and has more of an upbeat feel. Featuring the hits "Hello" and "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)." longtime fans will not be disappointed as most of it are soulful ballads. If you enjoyed her previous albums 19 and 21. this is the next one you should get. I highly recommend this album.
I believe that Adele has done it yet again. It seems like it has been too long, but the wait was well worth it. Adele delivers with another fantastic release in the form of "25". Her voice sounds as good as ever, and I feel like she also branched out a little bit and experimented with some sounds on this album, like in the song "Send My Love (To Your New Lover). It has an upbeat chill vibe to it, that you don't often hear in Adele's music recently.

My favorites are: "Hello", "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)", "When We Were Young", "Lay Me Down".

Adele has shown us all that she isn't going anywhere, and that like a fine wine, she has matured and gotten better with time. Her voice is fantastic on this album, and while some of these songs seem to be a departure from her normal sound, I think she did it well. I really like the sound she has produced on this album and know that she will continue to do well. Adele is a rare talent in the music industry today. There aren't many artists you can compare to Adele in terms of pure ability, she is definitely something special. This album is definitely worth picking up, so do it! You won't regret it!