Big Gold Dreams: A Story Of Scottish Independent Music 1977- 1989 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Big Gold Dreams: A Story Of Scottish Independent Music 1977- 1989by Various Artists

  • 115 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:26:25


Disk #1

1.I Can't Stand My Babyby The Rezillos2:40
2.Hooked on Youby The Exile2:56
3.Jerkin'by The Drive3:37
4.Robot Loveby The Valves3:06
5.Put You in the Pictureby PVC23:07
6.Dead Vandalsby Johnny & The Self Abusers3:07
7.You Gotta Know Girlby Bee Bee Cee2:41
8.Gimme Your Heartby Subs3:04
9.Reasonsby Skids2:10
10.Dancing With Myselfby Fingerprintz3:19
11.Take Me Downby The Zips2:40
12.All the Boys Love Carrieby Another Pretty Face2:31
13.Electric Heatby Visitors3:42
14.See Sawby The Jolt2:44
15.Chelsea Girlby Simple Minds3:59
16.Culture Shockby Shake3:47
17.The Shape of Things to Comeby The Headboys3:26
18.Time Wallby Fire Exit2:18
19.Paranoiaby The Freeze3:13
20.Sylvia Clarkeby The Fakes2:42
21.She's Too Clever for Meby TPI3:55
22.Singing in the Showersby Fun 42:12
23.Confessionsby Flowers3:08
24.Playing With Fireby TV213:06
25.Stay With Me Tonightby Alex Fergusson3:50

Disk #2

1.Dead Pop Starsby Altered Images3:20
2.Die Todten Reyten Schnellby The Prats5:36
3.Tous Les Soirsby The Delmontes3:13
4.Walk on Waterby The Cuban Heels2:56
5.More Than Thisby 35mm Dreams2:18
6.Out in the Openby The Presidents Men2:49
7.All About Youby Scars4:03
8.Tell Me Easters on Fridayby The Associates4:31
9.Sorry for Laughingby Josef K3:05
10.Event to Comeby Article 582:44
11.Love to Meet Youby Restricted Code2:52
12.Don'tby Thomas Leer5:32
13.Big Gold Dreamby The Fire Engines3:42
14.On Our Honeymoonby The Wake2:11
15.Ooh Bop Sh'Bamby Boots for Dancing2:55
16.Puritansby The Happy Family3:17
17.Tightropeby Everest the Hard Way4:15
18.Palace Filled With Loveby APB4:31
19.Running Awayby Paul Haig2:45
20.Pick Up the Rhythmby The French Impressionists2:05
21.Eat Your Heart Outby Hey! Elastica3:09
22.Participate!by The Laughing Apple2:59

Disk #3

1.Feathers Oar-Bladesby Cocteau Twins4:28
2.Out of Nowhereby The Twinsets3:24
3.Cathby The Bluebells3:51
4.A Girl Called Johnnyby The Waterboys3:59
5.Lucky Starby Friends Again3:01
6.Trees and Flowersby Strawberry Switchblade3:51
7.Sixteen Reasonsby Jazzateers4:01
8.Stop the Rainby The Suede Crocodiles3:26
9.Flowers in the Skyby The Revolving Paint Dream2:27
10.Think!by Jasmine Minks3:22
11.There Must Be a Better Lifeby Biff Bang Pow!3:10
12.All I Need Is Everythingby Aztec Camera3:48
13.Over Your Shoulderby Pop Wallpaper3:58
14.Dreamingby The Wee Cherubs3:49
15.Cathedralby Finitribe4:30
16.Upside Downby The Jesus and Mary Chain3:01
17.Baby Honeyby The Pastels6:59
18.You Supply the Rosesby Memphis3:57
19.Ain't That Always the Wayby Paul Quinn3:09
20.Un-American Broadcastingby Win3:15
21.Swallowby The Blood Uncles3:56

Disk #4

1.All Fall Downby Primal Scream2:15
2.Don't Slip Upby Meat Whiplash3:21
3.Hammering Heartby Del Amitri2:51
4.Some Indulgenceby The High Bees3:36
5.Big Blue Oceanby Jih3:45
6.Hotel Marquis de Sadeby Momus3:27
7.Living in Hellby The Primevals3:23
8.Baby's Got a Brand New Brainby Styng Rites2:32
9.Bully Beefby The Botany 5004:01
10.Whole Wide Worldby The Soup Dragons1:45
11.Strawberry Sundayby BMX Bandits3:54
12.Firestation Towersby Close Lobsters1:50
13.Face in the Crowdby The Green Telescope2:31
14.The Rattlerby Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie4:00
15.Pennilessby The Wild Indians3:51
16.Somewhere in Chinaby Shop Assistants3:13
17.Hollow Gutby Lowlife3:59
18.Slow Time and Temptationby Kevin McDermott3:43
19.Where Do I Stand?by The Incredible Blondes2:31
20.Sign on the The Fizzbombs2:01
21.Killer Bee Honeyby The Beat Poets2:11
22.Don't Shilly Shallyby Edwyn Collins3:50
23.I'm Not an Americanby The Dragsters2:44
24.Room at the Topby The Motorcycle Boy3:57
25.Hey Girl (Look What You've Done)by The Thanes3:02

Disk #5

1.Happy Daysby The Shamen3:59
2.Meaty Mouthsby Mackenzies5:51
3.She Said to the Driverby The McCluskey Brothers4:33
4.Jiffy Neckwear Creationby Baby Lemonade2:09
5.Girl of Your Dreamsby The Bachelor Pad3:16
6.Jenny Nowhereby The Clouds2:02
7.Marathon Manby Rote Kapelle2:34
8.The Adam Faith Experienceby Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes3:08
9.Teenage Superstarsby The Vaselines3:29
10.Tiny Wordsby The Orchids3:43
11.A Place Is So Hard to Findby The Groovy Little Numbers4:01
12.Good Thingby The Vultures1:55
13.The Great Divideby This Poison!3:41
14.Head Startby The Prayers3:06
15.Take Me Awayby The Submarines2:56
16.Think Like a Girlby The Church Grims6:29
17.If You Love Him, Let Him Goby The Wilderness Children2:33
18.Traffic Droneby The Cateran3:15
19.Hills O' New Gallowayby Nyah Fearties2:47
20.Miss O'Gradyby Dog Faced Hermans3:33
21.Groin Deathby Stretchheads1:20
22.The Beginning of Wisdomby Cindytalk6:42

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