Big Opens & Epic Themes 1 by 1 Revolution Music

Big Opens & Epic Themes 1

by 1 Revolution Music

  • 89 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:47:51


1.Gearing Up Full1:31
2.Gearing Up Lite1:31
3.Gearing Up No Str1:31
4.Gearing Up Syn Only1:31
5.Last Stand Full1:03
6.Last Stand No Brs1:03
7.Last Stand No Drm1:03
8.Last Stand No Str1:03
9.Last Mountain Full1:34
10.Last Mountain No Brs1:34
11.Last Mountain No Drm1:34
12.Last Mountain No Str1:34
13.Confrontation Full1:46
14.Confrontation Lite1:46
15.Confrontation No Gtr1:46
16.Confrontation No Chr1:46
17.Confrontation Drm Gtr1:46
18.Confrontation Drm Only1:46
19.Fortitude Full1:13
20.Fortitude No Brs1:12
21.Fortitude No Loops1:12
22.Fortitude No Drm1:12
23.Fortitude No Str1:12
24.Engage The Enemy Full1:12
25.Engage The Enemy No Brs1:12
26.Engage The Enemy No Ld Brs1:12
27.Engage The Enemy Lite Drm1:12
28.Engage The Enemy Orch Only1:12
29.Engage The Enemy Drm Bs1:12
30.Engage The Enemy Drm Only1:12
31.Battleground Full1:02
32.Battleground No Brs1:04
33.Battleground No Drm1:04
34.Battleground No Str1:04
35.Twelfth Hour Full1:00
36.Twelfth Hour Lite1:00
37.Twelfth Hour No Brs No Keys1:00
38.Twelfth Hour Orch Drm1:00
39.Twelfth Hour Str Drm1:00
40.Twelfth Hour Orch Only1:00
41.Twelfth Hour Drm Only1:00
42.Face Off Full1:06
43.Face Off No Brs1:06
44.Face Off No Chr1:06
45.Face Off No Drm1:06
46.Face Off No Str1:06
47.Face Off Drm Only0:54
48.Down The Wire Full1:14
49.Down The Wire No Keys1:14
50.Down The Wire No Drm1:14
51.Down The Wire No Drm No Prc1:14
52.Down The Wire No Str1:14
53.Down The Wire Drm Only1:14
54.Day Of Victory Full0:44
55.Day Of Victory Lite 10:44
56.Day Of Victory Lite 20:44
57.Day Of Victory No Chr0:44
58.Day Of Victory No Loops0:43
59.Day Of Victory No Drm0:44
60.Day Of Victory Orch Only0:44
61.Day Of Victory Drm Keys0:44
62.Day Of Victory Drm Bs0:44
63.Day Of Victory Drm Only0:44
64.To The Victor Full0:53
65.To The Victor No Chr0:53
66.To The Victor No Brs0:53
67.To The Victor No Drm0:53
68.To The Victor No Str0:53
69.To The Victor Drm Only0:53
70.Dominatum Full1:08
71.Dominatum No Chr1:08
72.Dominatum No Hi Str1:08
73.Dominatum No Drm1:08
74.Dominatum Orch Only1:08
75.Dominatum Drm Only1:08
76.For The Glory Full1:08
77.For The Glory No Chr1:08
78.For The Glory No Brs1:08
79.For The Glory No Drm1:08
80.For The Glory No Str1:08
81.For The Glory Orch Bs1:15
82.Epic Expedition Full1:52
83.Epic Expedition No End Rise1:52
84.Epic Expedition No Brs1:52
85.Epic Expedition No Long Orch1:52
86.Epic Expedition No Prc1:52
87.Epic Expedition No Shrt Str No Bs1:52
88.Epic Expedition No Str1:52
89.Epic Expedition Prc Only1:52