Billy Talent III (With Demo) mp3 Album by Billy Talent

Billy Talent III (With Demo)by Billy Talent

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:41:21


Disk #1

1.Devil On My Shoulder3:50
2.Rusted From The Rain4:13
3.Saint Veronika4:10
4.Tears Into Wine4:13
5.White Sparrows3:15
6.Pocketful Of Dreams3:21
7.The Dead Can't Testify4:27
8.Diamond On A Landmine4:31
9.Turn Your Back3:22
10.Sudden Movements3:39
11.Definition Of Destiny4:02

Disk #2

1.Devil On My Shoulder (Guitar Villain Demo)3:56
2.Rusted From The Rain (Guitar Villian Demo)4:14
3.Saint Veronika (Guitar Villian Demo)4:12
4.Tears Into Wine (Guitar Villian Demo)4:16
5.White Sparrows (Guitar Villian Demo)3:19
6.Rocketful Of Dreams (Guitar Villian Demo)3:24
7.The Dead Can't Testify (Guitar Villian Demo)4:11
8.Diamond On A Landmine (Guitar Villian Demo)4:35
9.Turn Your Back (Guitar Villian Demo)3:27
10.Sudden Movements (Guitar Villian Demo)3:43
11.Definition Of Destiny (Guitar Villian Demo)4:05
12.Tears Into Wine (Demo)3:52
13.White Sparrows (Demo)3:59
14.Pocketful Of Dreams (Demo)3:43
15.Turn Your Back (Demo)3:22