Black Gives Way To Blue mp3 Album by Alice In Chains

Black Gives Way To Blueby Alice In Chains

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:18


1.All Secrets Known4:43
2.Check My Brain3:58
3.Last Of My Kind5:53
4.Your Decision4:43
5.A Looking In View7:06
6.When The Sun Rose Again4:00
7.Acid Bubble6:56
8.Lesson Learned4:17
9.Take Her Out4:00
10.Private Hell5:38
11.Black Gives Way To Blue3:04
This latest Chains album is some of their best stuff! There is really no bad tunes on this disc. Just about ever track takes off. Classic Alice In Chains to the core! Jerry Cantrell is so intricate and unique on his songwriting that even if you are a hardcore fan of the original line up only, you've got to buy this if you haven't already! This album is a must for any alt/grunge metal fan!!!!! My favorites include, Your Decision, Private Hell, Check My Brain, and A Looking In View.
This recent album "Black Gives Way To Blue" is my favorite album from Alice in Chains, mainly because of "Lesson Learned". I heard it on the T.V. and said, I should buy this album and listen to it, because I wasn't really into Alice in Chains. I recommend this album to any bizarre kind of music listener. Hope you like this album when you buy it!