Black Hole Recordings: Best of 2020 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Black Hole Recordings: Best of 2020by Various Artists

  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:03:26


1.I Can Feel (Original Mix) (and Sunlounger)by Dennis Sheperd2:58
2.Feel Alive (Original Mix) (with Londo Thor & Valentino Alessandrini)by Markus Schulz3:15
3.Under The Midnight Sun (Original Mix)by JES3:35
4.When I Dream (Original Mix)by Solarstone3:48
5.Perfect Motion (Original Mix) (and Sunscreem)by Orkidea3:51
6.Walk Through Walls (Original Mix)by HALIENE3:49
7.Stand Together (LIFELIKE Remix)by All Hail The Silence4:49
8.I Believe (Original Mix) (and Lucid Blue)by Giuseppe Ottaviani3:55
9.No Warning Lights (Original Mix) (and Emma Hewitt)by BT4:54
10.Your Mind (Original Mix)by Cosmic Gate3:48
11.Time Machine (Original Mix) (feat. Tara Louise)by Craig Connelly3:43
12.Clouds (Original Mix)by Maria Healy3:31
13.Stars Collide (Original Mix) (feat. Jennifer Rene)by Somna3:31
14.Smile (Original Mix) (and Gary Go)by John Askew4:48
15.Forever Forever (Original Mix) (feat. Mia Koo)by Nifra3:19
16.Tantrix (Johan Gielen Remix) (feat. Natasha Pearl)by Tastexperience3:33
17.My Thunder (Original Mix) (feat. Jaren)by Andy Duguid4:22
18.Endless Universe (Original Mix)by Daniel Wanrooy2:48
19.Falling (Original Mix) (feat. Zara Taylor)by Martin Graff3:52
20.Atomica (Original Mix)by Daxson3:19
21.The Sun (Original Mix) (and Kristina Sky feat. Fiora)by Menno de Jong4:27
22.Suspicious (Original Mix)by Tomcraft2:55
23.Firebird (Original Mix) (and Jukebox 80s)by Roger Shah3:38
24.Ride (Original Mix) (and Luke J West)by Jordan Kelvin James4:08
25.Amsterdam (Original Mix) (and Andrew Marks)by twoDB2:26
26.Find A Way (Original Mix) (feat. Lauren Rose)by Damon Hess3:40
27.So Sick (Original Mix) (feat. Kate Aster)by Beave2:24
28.Monique (Wally Lopez Remix) (feat. MAMA)by Zoo Brazil3:13
29.Run (Original Mix)by EL3CTRXX2:42
30.I'm Alive (Original Mix)by Ali Bakgor4:10
31.The Magic (Original Mix)by Christian Burns3:46
32.Everything (Original Mix) (and Avis Vox)by Pavel Khvaleev3:25
33.Stroller Symphony (Original Mix)by Kris O'Neil3:58
34.Unsteady (Original Mix) (and Jason van Wyk feat. Cat Martin)by JPL3:52
35.Delta (Original Mix)by gardenstate4:06
36.Misguided (Original Mix)by Fonzerelli2:43
37.Up In Smoke (Andy Moor Remix) (with Somna & Blü Eyes)by Andy Moor4:29
38.Frozen (Club Mix)by Cold Blue3:38
39.I'm Ok (Original Mix)by Christina Novelli3:07
40.The Open (Original Mix)by Richard Durand3:44
41.Feed My Soul (Club Mix) (and Thea Riley)by Robert Nickson4:22
42.Telescope (Original Mix)by Will Atkinson4:00
43.You Are Enough (Original Mix) (feat. Susana & Tales Of Life)by RAM3:21
44.Adrenaline (James Dymond Remix)by Bryan Kearney3:31
45.Tears From The Moon (Billy Gillies Remix) (and Sinéad O’Connor)by Conjure One3:02
46.Vapour Glide (Original Mix)by M.I.K.E. Push3:36
47.When The Mask Falls (Original Mix) (feat. Julie Thompson)by Activa4:00
48.Blue Hour (Original Mix)by The Blizzard3:46
49.Right In The Night (Pig&Dan Remix) (feat. Plavka)by Jam & Spoon4:04
50.Downfall (Original Mix) (with DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade feat. Ben Lost)by Ronski Speed3:45