Black Hole Trance Music 10-16 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Black Hole Trance Music 10-16by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:09:05


1.I See the Light (Extended Mix)by Sally Saifi5:49
2.Sestertiusby Markus Schulz7:37
3.March of the Cloudbusters (Extended Mix)by Alex Kunnari5:12
4.Sierra (Extended Mix)by Bobina5:07
5.Upwardby Matt Fax7:14
6.Novus Vitae (Original Mix)by Pierre Pienaar6:29
7.Karplus Motionby Insert Name8:48
8.Andromeda (Original Mix)by Eximinds5:38
9.Emerald (Original Mix)by Radion64:49
10.Kizunaby Memory Loss6:18
11.Dominator (RAM Remix)by Human Resource5:26
12.Dark Risingby Richard Durand6:09
13.Geyser (Original Mix)by Mike Sanders7:58
14.Leap of Faith (Original Mix) (and Riot Night)by Amos6:38
15.Cygnus (Original Mix)by Novaspace6:54
16.Everyone Is Looking for Us (Original Mix)by Alex di Stefano7:37
17.Wilma (Original Mix)by Jordan Suckley7:04
18.Chaos Bowl (Original Mix)by David Forbes4:37
19.Revel (Original Mix)by Adam Lindburg7:18
20.DarkPhoria (Original Mix)by Offshore Wind6:23