Dub Pistols Present Welcome To The Jungle mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Dub Pistols Present Welcome To The Jungleby Various Artists

  • 51 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:27:11


1.Heavy Sound System (feat. Eva Lazarus)by Riddim Punks4:14
2.Herbs Toast (feat. Myki Tuff)by Chopstick Dubplate3:48
3.Ganja (Deekline & Kleu remix)by Dub Pistols4:30
4.Camberwell Carrot (Ed Solo remix)by Dub Pistols5:20
5.Chalice (feat. General Jah Mikey)by Dub Pistols4:10
6.Bring Dem (feat. Daddy Freddy - VIP mix)by Isaac Maya4:06
7.Bangarang (feat. Navigator)by Deekline & Specimen A3:46
8.Give Me A Dubplate (feat. Ragga Twins & Bunny Lye Lye)by Chopstick Dubplate6:06
9.Footwork Skank (feat. Yemi Bolatiwa)by Brian Brainstorm5:16
10.Wicked & Wild (feat. Natty Campbell - King Yoof remix)by Dub Pistols4:01
11.Fire (King Yoof & Nightshift remix)by Demolition Man3:41
12.Mashup Di Place (feat. Lady Chann - Jayline remix)by Kursiva & Isaac Maya5:09
13.Bubblin (feat. Natty Campbell - Conrad Subs remix)by Sub Alpine4:16
14.Old Time Stylee (feat. Natty Campbell & Deemas J)by Chopstick Dubplate5:00
15.Sound Sweet (feat. Natty Campbell)by Dub Pistols4:26
16.Warrior (Isaac Maya & Ricky Tuff remix)by Zen Lewis4:06
17.Ride Pon It (feat. Warrior Queen)by Deekline & Specimen A3:20
18.Bam Bam (Benny Page & Deekline remix)by Deekline & Ed Solo4:53
19.Love Jah (Nick The Lot remix)by Ed Solo, Isaac Maya, Ranking Joe & Nick The Lot4:30
20.Sell My Gun (feat. Chronixx & P Money)by Riddim Punks4:04
21.Veterans (Liondub & Jah Boogs remix)by Seanie T6:06
22.Tiger Balmby Gold Dubs & Euphonique4:30
23.My Style (feat. Redders)by Selecta J-Man4:38
24.Go Tell Your Friends (feat. Horseman - Rundr remix)by Dub Pistols4:17
25.What You Gonna Do (feat. Ras Demo)by Outsider4:31
26.Good To Have The Feelingby Deekline & Tippa Irie4:04
27.Sitting & Watching (Isaac Maya remix)by Dennis Brown3:34
28.Tempest Dubby Kombat (UK)4:57
29.I Would Like (feat. Ranking Youth - Isaac Maya remix)by Barbass Sound4:23
30.Addict (feat. Cheshire Cat - Beat Assassins remix)by Dub Pistols5:31
31.I'm Still In Love (Kleu remix)by Marcia Aiken4:31
32.007 (Shanty Town) (Ed Solo remix)by Desmond Dekker & The Aces3:56
33.Uptown Top Ranking (Ben Snow remix)by Althea & Donna4:52
34.What She Needsby Benny Page & Sublow Hz3:48
35.Junglist Warrior (feat. Steppa Style, Blackout JA & Tenor Youthman)by Lady Waks, Deekline & Freestylers3:33
36.Whah Gwan (feat. Natty Campbell & Jago)by Chopstick Dubplate5:02
37.Pistoleros (feat. Seanie T - King Yoof remix)by Dub Pistols5:14
38.My DJby Dub Pistols4:29
39.Babylon Children (feat. Spikey Tee - FLeCK remix)by Jstar3:59
40.My Sound Ah Murda (feat. General Jah Mikey)by Chopstick Dubplate5:39
41.Positive Vibrations (feat. MC Turner)by MikkiM4:48
42.Shine Eye Girl (Dope Ammo remix)by Barrington Levy3:08
43.The Truth (feat. Macka B)by Isaac Maya & Bungalo Dub3:52
44.Turn Ya Lights On (feat. Dark Angel - Champion Sounds remix)by Escape Roots5:28
45.Two Generals (feat. Ragga Twins)by Dub Pistols4:32
46.Real Gangster (feat. Seanie T & Neville Staple - Isaac Maya remix)by Dub Pistols5:05
47.Never Never (feat. Navigator)by Dub Pistols4:54
48.Raveageby FLeCK3:49
49.Me No Inna (feat. Parly B)by FLeCK4:06
50.Addict (feat. Cheshire Cat - Zuke remix)by Dub Pistols5:25
51.Dub Pistols Present Welcome To The Jungle (continuous DJ mix)by Various Artists1:41:48