Black Mirror: White Christmas (Original Television Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Jon Opstad

Black Mirror: White Christmas (Original Television Soundtrack)by Jon Opstad

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:20


1.The Outpostby Jon Opstad0:53
2.How About This?by Jon Opstad1:04
3.This Girlby Jon Opstad0:52
4.That Clockby Jon Opstad0:30
5.Voicesby Jon Opstad0:20
6.Spiked Drinkby Jon Opstad2:22
7.Wipe and Destroy Everythingby Jon Opstad1:03
8.Blocked By My Wifeby Jon Opstad1:16
9.Merry Christmasby Jon Opstad0:52
10.Gretaby Jon Opstad2:24
11.Virtual Gretaby Jon Opstad2:38
12.Virtual Greta Gets a Bodyby Jon Opstad2:27
13.What About Now?by Jon Opstad0:36
14.Broken Virtual Gretaby Jon Opstad0:37
15.Virtual Greta At Workby Jon Opstad1:12
16.I'm Not a Good Man/Potter and Bethby Jon Opstad2:34
17.Found in the Binby Jon Opstad0:23
18.I Don't Want Itby Jon Opstad1:35
19.Beth Drives Offby Jon Opstad0:30
20.In Townby Jon Opstad1:36
21.Begging Letterby Jon Opstad0:43
22.There Was One Thing I Could Doby Jon Opstad2:49
23.Something Happened Before Thenby Jon Opstad0:52
24.Back To The Cottageby Jon Opstad1:58
25.Do You Confess?by Jon Opstad5:03
26.Blockedby Jon Opstad1:45
27.Leave Him On for Christmasby Jon Opstad0:26

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