Black System by Various Artists

Black System

by Various Artists

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:49:25


1.Rock In To The Future (Original Mix)by Agressor Bunx6:11
2.Triad (Original Mix)by Agressor Bunx6:04
3.Reality (Original Mix)by Agressor Bunx6:25
4.Spy (Original Mix)by Agressor Bunx5:15
5.Simple (Original Mix)by Zendi4:31
6.Snow Below My Window (Original Mix)by Cod3x4:08
7.Critical Point (Original Mix)by Sniper FX5:38
8.Never Give UP!!! (Original Mix)by Sniper FX5:38
9.Stop The Inevitable (Original Mix)by Sniper FX8:06
10.Mascot (Original Mix)by Subminderz3:45
11.Messiah (Vip)by KirKey6:04
12.Reese (Original Mix)by ChaseR5:55
13.Back To Eclipse (Original Mix)by Napalm5:02
14.Light Speed (Original Mix) (feat. Xenz)by Nuqe5:24
15.The Golden Ratio (Original Mix)by ChaseR5:58
16.Neurotrone (Original Mix)by Deen Pride3:50
17.Icarus (Original Mix) (feat. IMG)by Project 715:19
18.Bad Drone (Original Mix)by Total Break6:41
19.Screwball (Original Mix)by Cognitive Dissonance4:52
20.Utopia (Original Mix)by Rhesu55:43
21.Cyber Life (Original Mix)by RaZoRTeK4:31
22.Selupan (Original Mix)by RaZoRTeK5:55
23.Kerrigan (Original Mix)by 2zK4:38
24.Dance Till The Death (Original Mix)by Sub Daymon3:24
25.Cern (Original Mix)by Malkor3:51
26.7 Detalis (Vip)by Maddie8:17
27.Arhon (Original Mix)by 2zK6:47
28.Turn It On (Original Mix)by Scrapper4:14
29.Lykan (Original Mix)by DJ Nospheratum8:16
30.Explosive Destroyer (Original Mix)by C.Y.B.E.R.Y.A6:26
31.Android (Original Mix)by C.Y.B.E.R.Y.A4:36
32.Perfect (Original Mix)by Titanfall5:03
33.Liopleurodon (Original Mix)by Titanfall5:48
34.Research (Original Mix)by Titanfall4:55
35.ENFER (Original Mix)by Miss Keit4:54
36.Spectacle (Original Mix)by SVJ4:56
37.At A Depth (Original Mix)by DIBROWN5:42
38.Fire (Original Mix)by Spectrah4:52
39.123 (Original Mix)by Spectrah5:56
40.Arabic Vibes (Original Mix)by Spectrah6:42
41.Ninja Step (Original Mix) (feat. Kantrabass)by DMT4:45
42.Chemical Weapons (Original Mix)by Malkor4:28